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What Do The New Arrivals On Sandhamn Island Have To Fear Their Own Secrets In This Gripping Novel Of Suspense By The Bestselling Author Of In The Heat Of The Moment The New Summer House On Sandhamn Island Is An Architectural Dream For Its Owner, Carsten Jonsson It S A Nightmare For The Locals The Venture Capitalist Has Flouted Local Traditions, Property Lines, And The Natural Beauty Of The Coastline He S Also Too Wealthy And Arrogant To Heed The Anonymous Warnings To Leave The Threats Escalate When His Guest Lodge Is Burned To The Ground And An Unidentifiable Corpse Is Found In The Charred Ruins.Detective Inspector Thomas Andreasson Isn T Sure If It S Murder Or A Tragic Accident Until His Friend Attorney Nora Linde Is Drawn Into The Investigation Nora S Emotional Investment In Carsten S Fragile And Fearful Wife, Celia, Is Yielding A New Level Of Suspicion That The Jonssons Are Hiding Than Anyone Can Imagine Now Thomas And Nora Must Sift Through The Ashes Of A Puzzling Crime And Step Into The Shadows Of A Powerful Family, Whose Deadly Secrets Are Coming To Light On Sandhamn.I maktens skugga

Viveca Sten made her author debut with crime novel Still Waters It soon became a huge hit with both critics and readers and today the author has sold almost 3 million copies of her books worldwide.In May 2014, her seventh novel, The Price of Power, was published in Sweden It was hugely successful and Viveca cemented her place as one of the country s most popular authors Her Sandhamn Murder Seri

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  • I maktens skugga
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  • 24 August 2019

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    It s always good news when one of my favorite Nordic Noir authors, Viveca Sten, has a book translated by Marlaine Delargy into English Nora is back on the island of Sandhamn, where a wealthy venture capitalist has built a gigantic house which many of the locals consider an eyesore He decides to throw a party to welcome himself and his family to the community resentment is brewing, and there is a catastrophic fire and a death Was the fire set by one of the angry locals, or is it somehow related to his dealings with some shady Russian oligarchs Recommended for anyone who enjoys a well plotted mystery, particularly the Nordic Noir genre.

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    We re given the reason for all the fires and people killed in the first chapter You only had to know who the people were and the name changes to figure this out Fat chance in remembering I like the way Viveca sets us up with this, it happens every book so far We re given Carsten Jonsson and his wife Celia as the new kids on the block to make the story whole Carsten is an investment banker who has made investments in Russia in the oil and gas industry He has built his house before his investment is sound and has invited everyone on the island to come to his house warming Nora is involved with Celia and the children and with finding the truth about Carsten while Thomas, who s Nora friend is involved with the house fire and the death of a man Agaton who s Carsten s neighbor has complained and had the local authorities bring things against Carsten The story basically brings all these things to light and it goes on from there I haven t talked about other characters but it s important you know all the people to resolve this mystery and to solve it I like that Viveca lets us get involved with the other characters and she lets us know what happens to them I would recommend this book to my people who follow my reviews.

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    I ve been a sucker for Nordic Noir literature for so long that when I discovered Viveca Sten s Sandhamn Murders series a year ago I was sooo excited I devoured the first six books in the series, and when I saw book 7 on Netgalley I jumped at the chance to read it before publication This time we meet Thomas and Nora several years after the end of book 6, and I think that was a total success on the part of the author, cause we can see how the main characters have evolved and how they manage their new lives Nora s new family and work situation, Thomas midlife crisis trying to decide if he still wants to be a policeman Several other authors should take note and do the same to their series so they don t stall.In this instance, the story got off to a slow start till the dead body appears at 40% of the book It was interesting reading about the Jonsson family dynamics, and how money and a feeling of power can affect you The tension kept building nicely towards the end making it impossible for me to stop reading.Once again the author brings to life a wonderful Swedish setting with a cast of characters you can t help to hold dear Can t wait for the next book in the series Thanks to Netgalley and Crossing for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Fans have eagerly awaited this next story, the seventh, in the excellent Sandhamn mystery series Set in the fascinating Stockholm archipelago, the charming island and its culture of Sandhamm are the stars of these mysteries involving lawyer Nora and her childhood friend police detective Thomas It s really a perfect match of characters, every time The story places Nora and Thomas a few years past the last installment A Swedish expat millionaire is building a summer home on the island for his family, but conflicts start up, both with his neighbors and his job His financial investment is now involving Russian speculation, and his empire is teetering Sten brings her legal background into play, as well as maintaining a welcomed domestic feel to the story Fans have seen Nora and Thomas through their ups and downs with their work, families, children, and spouses in a most realistic way Issues such as divorce, death, estrangement, sexual harassment, environment, and tradition are subtly addressed, Sten allows her protagonists to have conflicts, doubts, and successes that make this series especially rewarding to readers And, again, the beautiful Swedish setting and interesting culture are vividly brought to life in Sten s skillful and sensitive writing Highly recommended And to the author, please continue this excellent series

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    5 starsCarsten Johnsson has purchased a plot of land on Sandhamn He is building a fabulous home on the property and also fencing off access to the beaches, in direct opposition to the traditions of Sandhamn The neighbors are angry Carsten doesn t care what the locals think He is arrogant, condescending and outspoken about his distaste for the traditions of the community He is headed for a fall Carsten is a wheeler dealer in the stock market He has a huge deal on the go with a Russian firm through his friend Anatoly He has gambled much on this deal In fact he has gone into considerable debt and has leveraged all of his assets on the success of the deal But he is getting very nervous For some reason he is no longer getting the positive responses he once received He and his wife have two children, Oliver and Sarah, and a Swedish nanny named Maria At Carsten s insistence, the family must learn to speak Swedish Carsten s wife Celia does not want to live on an island in the middle of the sea, she much prefers staying in London Celia is depressed, he relationship with Carsten is not what it once was She has isolated herself even from her own children Maria takes care of them and spends much time with them than Celia does Detective Thomas Andreasson is questioning whether he wants to stay a cop All of the pain and hopelessness of it is getting to him His friend attorney Nora Linde is living with Jonas with their three children and things are going well But she sees there may be problems brewing on the island between the locals and the Johnssons Carsten throws a lavish party for the islanders, boasting and being obnoxious to all That same night, their guesthouse burns to the ground It is arson and when the fire is out, a body is found in the ruins Since Carsten didn t come home the night before, it is feared that the body in the guesthouse is his Something bad is happening at the Johnsson house Celia has turned up bruised, Maria is not talking to anyone and the children are frightened What is going on Who is the man who died in the fire Carsten s combative attorney neighbor is avoiding the police and their questions In an exciting denouement, the reader learns all Several things are going on at once as the story races from scene to scene Very well done, Ms Sten This book is very well plotted and written Ms Sten is a superlative writer and I have been reading her books from her first to be published in English I also can t give enough praise to the translator of this novel, Marlaine Delargy Her execution is flawless I could find no errors in the book I like Nora and Thomas and am anxious to learn if Thomas takes the new opportunity that Erik offered him Arrgh I wanted to know it in this series entry I am very anxious to read the next book in this series I want to thank NetGalley and Crossing for forwarding to me a copy of this absolutely great book for me to read, enjoy and review.

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    Carsten Jonsson builds a huge, showy house on Sandhamm Island, using his money and power to ignore local customs and property lines After a party he throws to show off his home, a fire is set and a dead body is found that is beyond recognition Detective Inspector Thomas Andreasson with help from his friend, attorney Nora Linde, must determine if this was deliberate murder or a terrible accident The dynamics in the Jonsson family, along with Carsten s reputation for shady business dealings, make it difficult to determine suspects and possible motives for the crime.I have read three of the prior books in this series and liked each one After reading the first couple of chapters, I quickly became reacquainted with the main characters I came into the middle of the series, so I think new readers could pick this book up and enjoy it just as much Sten is a skilled writer and although clues were given, I was surprised when the killer and the motive was ultimately revealed The book opens with a little boy being bullied at school and I tried to figure out the identity of that unknown boy and how it fit in with the rest of the story, but I guessed incorrectly Carsten and Celia s story was interesting and heartbreaking and I didn t guess the extent of what Carsten was capable of His business dealings with Russia were also presented in an interesting way that adds to the story.The best parts of this series are the beautiful setting, the individual characters of Thomas and Nora, and the close, platonic friendship they share They are believable characters as they try their best to succeed in their jobs, raise their families, and make a difference in the world It s refreshing that Thomas and Nora get along so well together and make a great investigative team, but have their own separate romantic lives Nora has had her ups and downs in the prior books I ve read, but things are currently going well for her Thomas is feeling burned out in his job and is considering making a change The investigation builds and ends with a dramatic and scary scene that had me on the edge of my seat Even though the main plot is resolved by the end of the book, both Thomas and Nora have unanswered questions in their lives While I m waiting for the next book to come out, I am going to go back and read some of the earlier books in the series that I missed I recommend this book and the entire series for readers who enjoy Camilla Lackberg or Leena Lehtolainen I received this book from NetGalley through the courtesy of Crossing The book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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    Thank you NetGalley and Crossing for the eARC.Always looking forward to the new Sandhamn, I was delighted to read no 7 in the series.Nora is back on Sandhamn with her partner and their daughter Her boys are on vacation with their father It s several years after the 6th in the series and a wealthy Swede is building an enormous mansion on the island and a lot of the population is unhappy because he s not adhering to the standards of the island, due to the size of of the house and its closeness to the water He s expecting to close a deal with a Russian conglomerate and to float a company on the New York stock exchange Things don t go to plan and after he has thrown himself a lavish welcome party his guesthouse is burned to the ground killing an unknown man, this after other nasty incidents which show how unhappy anonymous people are with his project Are these acts committed by locale or is it the Russians trying to thwart his business plans He s looking at losing everything and losing his mind at the same time and his family is suffering at his hands.Thomas and his police partner are trying to untangle the mess, with some help from his good friend Nora.As usual, I enjoyed the book and can t wait for no 8

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    I ve been enjoying Viveca Sten s Sandhamn mysteries for a few years now, and I m happy to return to the island with In the Shadow of Power It is difficult to maintain the essence of small places when they become popular, and the citizens of Sandhamn have made an effort to keep the Sandhamn traditions and coastlines from becoming lost to summer visitors When the wealthy and arrogant Carsten Jonsson manages to flout the rules and traditions with his new summer house, islanders are not happy.Jonsson has received anonymous threats and warnings, but when Jonsson s guest house burns down and an unidentified corpse is found inside, the situation escalates Thomas Andreasson isn t sure if it was an accident or a murder the fire was arson, but was the death deliberate , and Carsten Jonsson s arrogance isn t helping the investigation Nora gets drawn into a dangerous situation as suspicions mount.I would love to visit Sandhamn in person, but must make do with Sten s mysteries set on the beautiful Swedish island.NetGalleyMystery Police Procedural Oct 22, 2019 Print length 398 pages.

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    I ve liked Sten s previous books in her Sandhamn series and this seventh installment was enjoyable Nora s life is better than ever and Thomas is considering some changes They both get involved in a case of arson that resulted in the death of a person Who it was is not clear Why the person is dead is even harder to know As usual, there are tons of suspects and red herrings, a pulse raising last part and a surprising ending What I didn t quite like was that it took too long for the action to begin I like the recurring characters and want to know what s been going on in their lives since the last novel but I wanted something to happen Once it does, I was hooked But what I really liked was how the action turns in on itself What you think is the main issue, is not I don t want to give too much away but I really wanted to know where things would end up This is a very good series I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased Thank you, NetGalley Crossing

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    Viveca Stern never disappoints.great mystery.Carsten has spent his life trying to overcome his past and prove that he is rich, powerful, and should have the best of everything no matter the cost He builds an extremely large, and extravagant house on Sandhelm for his wife and two children The locals are very upset and believe he is disregarding their laws and building codes and want him to leave The night of the housewarming party, a fire is set that takes the life of an unknown person The list of arson suspects is long, and Thomas and the other detectives are worried the trouble is going to continue if they do not figure out who is behind the fire Meanwhile, life for Carsten and his family is not what it appears from the onset, and Nora once again finds herself in the middle of danger, where she must find a way to save the lives of two innocent children and their mother Great story filled with betrayal, lies, shady deals, and danger I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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