From 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Jackson Comes A New Novel Of Nerve Jangling Suspense As A Woman Haunted By Guilt Realizes That Nothing Can Be Trusted Not Even Her Own Memory There Are People In Edgewater, Oregon, Who Think That Twenty Years Ago, Rachel Gaston Got Away With Murder.Rachel Still Has No Idea How A Foolish Teenaged Game Turned Deadly Or Who Replaced Her Soft Pellet Air Gun With A Real Weapon When A Figure Leapt Out At Her From The Darkness, She Fired Without Thinking Too Late, She Recognized Her Half Brother, Luke, And Saw Blood Blooming Around His Chest.Despite Counseling, Rachel S Horrifying Dreams About That Night Continue Her Anxiety Contributed To Her Divorce From Detective Cade Ryder, Though He Blames Himself Too But As Rachel S High School Reunion Nears, She Feels Her Imagination Playing Tricks, Convincing Her That Objects In Her House Have Moved That There S A Hint Of Unfamiliar Cologne In The Air That Someone Is Tailing Her Car Watching Her Home.She S Right To Be Scared And As Connections Surface Between A New String Of Murders And Luke S Death, Rachel Realizes There S No Escaping The Past, And The Truth May Be Darker Than Her Worst FearsParanoid

Lisa Jackson is the number one New York Times bestselling author of than 85 novels, including Afraid to Die, Tell Me, You Don t Want to Know, Running Scared, Without Mercy, Malice, and Shiver She is also the co author of the Colony Series, co written with her sister, Nancy Bush There are over 20 million copies of Lisa Jackson s books in print in twenty languages Before she became a natio

<PDF / Epub> ★ Paranoid  Author Lisa Jackson –
  • Hardcover
  • 387 pages
  • Paranoid
  • Lisa Jackson
  • English
  • 24 August 2017
  • 9781496722461

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    I d just about given up on psychological thrillers, the ones I ve read lately being predictable, yet this one sounded like it could be intriguing, so I gave it a go Boy am I glad I did.We have divorced mum Rachel, caring for her two teenage children, whilst trying to keep her ex husband at arms length Rachel loves her children, but tends to cloister them, for Rachel is scared that something might happen to them Rachel is actually scared of EVERYTHING, for in her past, in a teenage game gone wrong, she shot and killed her own brother Or did she Now Rachel is getting mysterious texts seemingly from beyond the grave And she thinks someone is stalking her house Then, on the twentieth anniversary of her brothers death, one of the witnesses to his death is murdered Is there a connection If so why wait so long to get rid of the witness As Rachel desperately tries to find out, her increasing paranoia has her jumping out of her skin at every little bump in the night Or day At any time really And the truth Oh wow I found Paranoid to be an ingeniously twisty and turny thriller While I really didn t like our main character Rachel, I don t think I was meant to Sometimes I just wanted to slap her and tell her to loosen up I m sure her kids d...

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    20 years ago a carefree, teenage game in an abandoned cannery warehouse turns deadly The group of teenagers were supposed to be shooting pellet guns, no one was supposed to get hurt So how did Luke end up dead His half sister, Rachel, was initially blamed for the shooting but with no gun shot residue evident on her hands the case never made it far Although she was never found guilty, Rachel has lived with the guilt of Luke s death for the last 20 years With no one held accountable, that night remains filled with unanswered questions How did Luke end up shot by a real gun Who killed him and why On the 20th anniversary of Luke s death things begin to take an eerie turn for everyone who was in the warehouse on the night of his death Witnesses are suddenly found dead, killed in a brutal manner Rachel s house is vandalized, she receives eerie texts from an unknown number and can t help but feel as if she s being watched all the time Is she being paranoid or is someone out to even the score for Luke s death all those years ago Paranoid is a tale of secrets, lies, paranoia, guilt and ultimately revenge Although I was fully engaged with the story from the beginning, I was able to figure out the current timeline s culprit very early on That had me feeling a little disappointed but then J...

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    Paranoia strikes deep Into your life it will creep It starts when you re always afraid You step out of line, the man come and take you away Stephen Stills Fear seeps into this one Lean back twenty years ago into Edgewater, Oregon Place your feet on the uneven terrain surrounding the abandoned Sea View Cannery Teenage kids looking for a thrill around midnight They ve brought pellet guns to scare the crap out of one another But someone is hiding in the pitch black shadows with the real thing Real ammo that s gonna do real damage Rachel Hollander doesn t even have time to call out to her brother Luke who goaded her into coming tonight Runnin with the big dogs is what she s always wanted at fifteen The sounds are near deafening around her She returns fire with her pellet gun But immediately she knows the sound is now ominous Luke has been hit..fatallyand it s all her fault.Twenty years later, Rachel still suffers nightmares after the loss of her brother She was cleared after the trial, but she lives with the bitter aftermath It cost her parents their marriage and it cost Rachel her present marriage as well Her ...

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    There are noises in the house, or are there There are footsteps on the stairs, or are there There are doors left cracked opened or were they ever closed There are feelings of someone watching you when no one is around There are chills running up your neck Why Are you really alone or is someone else around you who shouldn t be there Real vs the unreal PARANOID The book centers around divorced mother of two Rachel Ryder, her two teenaged children and her ex husband Cade Ryder with a slew of other characters that they went to high school with twenty years prior Rachel was accused of shooting her half brother when she was still in high school and she and the small town have never forgotten that fateful night The class reunion is being planned on the anniversary of brother Luke s death and now new murders are happening to people who were friends of Rachel and Luke which begins a state of Paranoia for everyone who were friends of the siblings on that fateful night.This was a very creepy and suspenseful story full of mystery, drama and a little romance I enjoyed the fast pace and there was excitement in every chapter ...

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    2.5 stars Ugh, it s really hard to rate this one I m rounding it up to 3 stars, because maybe the stress of the house renovations are part of the reason of me not enjoying this that much It took me a while to get into it and the revelations weren t as exciting as I hoped, but my main issue was the kids OMG, those kids, they couldn t be stupider I don t think teenagers are like that, right I hate it when authors push the story through the stupidity of kids. it was not fun, I was so angry ...

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    Is Rachel PARANOID Is her fear REAL or is it IRRATIONAL Most watch a scary movie and then hear every bump and squeak in the house and see shadows out the window And so a trauma that took place in the PAST can have an effect on ones life and the people around them Guilt haunts and keeps one from enjoying life and love Jackson wrote an intense crime drama that had me figuring out the mystery and then changing my mind the pages I read In depth characters and prose Not telling any READ THIS ...

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    When Rachel Gaston was a teenager she got involved in a dangerous game This involvement led to the tragic death of her brother Luke Acquitted from the crime, it is now twenty years later Someone is bound and determined to make her pay for Luke s death.Rachel had quite a bit of counseling and even had a nice life for a while She married and had two children However, her nightmares and anxiety have a profound affect on her and she and husband, Detective Cade Ryder divorced They are good co parents to their teenage children and with rapidly changing circumstances, are drawn together quite often in this story.Rachel and several others were in the process of preparing for their twenty year high school reunion One of the former classmates is murdered and several other things, including other murders, happen in quick succession This, quite naturally, makes Rachel quite nervous All she wants to do is to forget the past and prepare her children for the future All the while, she wonders about her relationship with Cade, and he has similar thoughts throughout Paranoid is a thrilling story There is a strong element of revenge in this story, and this reaches deep into the lives of Rachel, and also her children There is also the paranoia Rachel feels as her past continues to resurface The danger is present from the outset, and despite the family drama, reunion planning and personality issues, their are enough twists and turns, as well as plenty of plausible suspects, to make thi...

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    20 years ago some kids were playing paintball in an abandoned building with huge holes in the floor and no lights So they were pretty stupid Then Luke was shot for real and his sister or half sister as keeps getting pointed out for some strange reason is arrested for the death Somehow, she didn t know that she had a real gun And then the gun was gone and she was cleared The description makes it sound as if she is ostracized for the murder and getting away with it, but there is very little proof of that She seems to be involved in the community and living just fine.I started out wanting to know who had killed Luke Then I realize that I was pretty sure I knew and that I really didn t care Every character was a stereotype Most annoying were her kids Could there be any annoying and self centered kids than these two Maybe I got really lucky and had the two best teenagers in the world, but I do not know how these kids could think they could get away with talking to their mother this way or why they would even want to do so Every character had conversations with themselves with half of it being out loud as ...

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    I was amazed to discover that I didn t write a review for this book And although I usually really love Lisa Jacksons books, I think the fact that I even had to re read a part of the book says something Yes, it is well written Yes, I can imagine the killing of a young boy leaves trails even twenty years later But what a strange story this is, with far too many characters A bunch of people that never left the small village, who all married e...

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    A guilt left obvious A dead sibling Can a town ever truly move on from its bloody past This is the situation that Rachel is left with after being involved in stupid teenaged game that went horribly wrong Rachel fired the gun that inadvertently killed her half brother His dying face haunts her existence to this day twenty years on Guilt plagues her even though she was acquitted of the murder She believed she had taken his life but did she This is a story of Fear, loss and the complexity of human emotion As the story unfolded the reader was able to see that this wasn t a simple story Actions have concequences for all involved The story follows Rachel s life from frightened teenager to divorced woman with two children of her own and the fallout from that fateful night.Rachel is a complex character and I like that For this story it was right how in depth Rachel s character was She was ultimately flawed due to her experiences She is the result of experiencing a tragic event that has changed her for good Life would simply never be the same again for her She has the classic signs of PTSD post traumatic stress disorder She fears everything, her marriage broke down, she doesn t have any close friends possibly fearing she may lose them if she s truly close to them and she has her children on a very tight leash Her Daughter, Harper often states It s like a prison Her chara...

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