Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: The Dead Town

Dean Koontz S Enthralling Frankenstein Series Has Redefined The Classic Legend Of Infernal Ambition And Harrowing Retribution For A New Century And A New Age Now The Master Of Suspense Delivers An Unforgettable Novel That Is At Once A Thrilling Adventure In Itself And A Mesmerizing Conclusion To His Saga Of The Modern Monsters Among Us.FRANKENSTEIN THE DEAD TOWNThe War Against Humanity Is Raging As The Small Town Of Rainbow Falls, Montana, Comes Under Siege, Scattered Survivors Come Together To Weather The Onslaught Of The Creatures Set Loose Upon The World As They Ready For Battle Against Overwhelming Odds, They Will Learn The Full Scope Of Victor Frankenstein S Nihilistic Plan To Remake The Future And The Terrifying Reach Of His Shadowy, Powerful Supporters.Now The Good Will Make Their Last, Best Stand In A Climax That Will Shatter Every Expectation, Their Destinies And The Fate Of Humanity Hang In The Balance.Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: The Dead Town

Leigh Nichols,

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  • Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: The Dead Town
  • Dean Koontz
  • 21 December 2017
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    Why do I love Koontz Hmmmm so many reasons Here is just a sample Jocko was a tumor Well he started out as a tumor like lump Then he became self aware A tumor with attitude Hopes and dreams And he grew fast Later he burst out of that host body Became something than a tumor Something better.He became a monster Some people screamed when they saw Jocko Others fainted Birds dive bombed him Cats hissed and rats fled squeaking Jocko was a very effective monsterA monster was a respectable thing...

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    I enjoyed the conclusion of Dean Koontz s Frankenstein One of my favourite things about Mr Koontz s writing is the depth of his characters, so it was great to revisit Jocko, Deucalion, Michael Carson and Nummy Because this series c...

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    I drug this one out because I am going to miss Deucalion and Jocko and Mr Lyss and Carson and Michael The ending wasn t as dramatic as it could have been and at parts I got lost and didn t understand how certain scenes tied to the story but I am a die hard Koontz fan and I loved this series

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    Spoilers alert I don t know why I m still reading this Frankoontztein crap Yes, Dean Koontz knows how to keep you hooked, but increasingly he s treating his readers like they re idiots He just doesn t care about the quality of his Frankenstein series any In this fifth, supposedly final installment, everything is just plain stupid and anti climactic Let me vent it out 1 What kind of plot is it when all the bad guys start malfunctioning on their own, so that the good guys just need to wait it out until the bad guys finish themselves off Maybe Koontz realizes nanoswarms can t be beaten and so just decides to take the cheap way out 2 The big boss is supposed to be hard to kill But wow, Deucalion simply walks quantumly of course, whatever that means into his lair, touches him and he bursts into fire spontaneously What a lousy anti climax 3 I ve really had enough of that stupid Jocko A former tumour who is now a hyper sentimental super childish uber hacker Although Koontz tries hard to make readers sympathize with him should really be it , I still...

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    Without a doubt in my mind, this was the best of the series, simply with the way the entire series in wrapped up very efficiently by Koontz The four hundred pages zoom by in anticipation of the climactic conclusion So much could be said about this book, and the characters which are brought to life throughout Carson and Michael are determined former detectives who always are putting other people s needs in front of their own, since they recognize the humanity in everyone Nummy and Mr Lyss are an odd couple being close to exact opposites, but somehow also, they work incredibly well together Erika and Jocko, Erika appears to have broken the spell and moved on with her life, while Jocko is still Jocko, he is such a funny and uplifting character Victor is as evil as ever, while Deucalion is the epitome of a fearless and selfless hero fighting for the ultimate good These are only some of the special characters created within the pages of this novel, while there are many others who are just as memorable and are determined to fight against the unnatural onslaught of created monsters surfacing from Victor s lair.Dean Koontz started this series years ago, and this was one of the first books I read by the author this was the series which particularly caught my eye and mind From there spawned a love of literature, which in truth had always been dwelling under the surface So, when I started reading I was worried the story wouldn t live ...

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    The fifth and final book of Dean Koontz s Frankenstein series was not the worst book of the series that would be the 3rd or 4th , but I can say honestly that I m glad it s over The first two books of this series were great It was exciting, action packed, and a great twist on the Frankenstein story, set in New Orleans Then Katrina hit New Orleans and Koontz felt compelled to delay any further entries so as not to impose any fictitious horrors to the city in addition to the real life ones, in spite of the initial prologue that it was the first of four books the number changed many times When Katrina hit New Orleans, whatever muse that blessed Koontz with 20 straight years of annual hits seemed to have departed as well The majority of his 2 3 books per year have been disappointments, especially this series.Lousy new characters, corny dialog, and minimal use of the old protagonists make the reader scratch their head and ask, Who is this guy, and where did the real Dean Koontz go Given the indifference I had to this whole series after book number four, Koontz did about as good of job as could be expected to close this series Trivia This was supposed to be a 4 book series It was casually revised to a trilogy, then Koontz started a second trilogy, then decided for only two books in the second part to make a fifth series Koontz showed promise in last winter s book ...

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    The Dead Town picks up right where Lost Souls finished.Victor Immaculate Lunatic bastard Leben and his Communitarians and Builders are gradually disposing of the residents of Rainbow Falls and using their chewed up flesh to breed new Builders in cocoon sacks that dangle, suspiciously from ceilings of buildings all over town.Deucalion and otherwise useless baby drooling cops turned PI s have been joined by an intrepid band of survivors including a hobo and his feeble minded companion, a group of people who belong to some alien worshipping church and an FBI agent who is way in over his head.The worst thing about The Dead Town is that is sinks to new depths of repetition and pointlessness.Something starts to go horribly wrong with the Communitarians and Builders Some Communitarians indulge in obsessive behaviour such as smashing hundreds of angel ornaments because they can t be organised in a neat and pretty way and then freaking out about the big old mess they made The builders are worse They re supposed to absorb eat all the humans and regurgitate them in cocoons where they will be re born as new Builders They re supposed to use all of the flesh, bone ...

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    I really liked it, but The Dead Town is not my favorite in the 5 book series.I enjoyed the comic elements provided I love the abundance of quirky characters I also liked how Dean Koontz s Frankenstein is linked to Mary Shelley s Frankenstein Story near the end Chapter 64 I re read Mary Shelley s Frankenstein in 2016 and I think how Dean mentions Robert Walton aboard the ice bound ship helps tie things together rather nicely.Favorite Passages Mr Lyss drove around going nowhere in the snow while he tried to think what to do next Nummy O Bannon rode with him, going to the same nowhere, because Nummy didn t drive but he was good at riding.Nummy felt kind of bad about riding in this car because Mr Lyss stole it, and stealing was never good Mr Lyss said the keys were in the ignition, so the owner wanted anyone to use it who might need it But they had hardly gone a mile before Nummy realized that was a lie Grandmama she used to say, if you can t buy what somebody else has or either make it for your own self, then you shouldn t keep on always wanting it That kind of wanting is called envy, and envy can make you into a thief faster than bu...

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    Still dealing with the same evil, a stand is being made This time the original group are not alone in wanting to rid the world of Frankenstein s evil ways With the aid of many, those from the former books make the final stand against the evil of the world, concluding with what could be either life or death for the human race.Koontz takes the original Frankenstein story and creates something wonderful Taking th...

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    I liked this book better than book 3 It kept my interest although it wasn t as good as book 1 and 2.Dean Koontz is very good in describing characters and making them realistic for you even when they are tumours lol I also loved Miste...

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