When Her Mami Meets Someone New, Juana Worries That Everything Will Change In A Humorous, Heartwarming Follow Up To The Pura Belpr Award Winning Juana Lucas.Juana S Life Is Just About Perfect She Lives In The Beautiful City Of Bogot With Her Two Most Favorite People In The World Her Mami And Her Dog, Lucas Lately, Though, Things Have Become A Little Less Perfect Mami Has A New Hairdo And A New Amigo Named Luis With Whom She Has Been Spending A LOT Of Time He Is Kind And Teaches Juana About Things Like Photographyand Jazz Music, But Sometimes Juana Can T Help Wishing Things Would Go Back To The Way They Were Before When Mami Announces That She And Luis Are Getting Married And That They Will All Be Moving To A New Casa, Juana Is Quite Distraught Lucky For Her, Though, Some Things Will Never Change Like How Much Mami Loves Her Based On Author Illustrator Juana Medina S Own Childhood In Colombia, This Joyful Series Is Sure To Resonate With Readers Of All Ages.JuanaLucas

Juana Medina was born and raised in Bogot , Colombia She is the illustrator of Smick by Doreen Cronin and the author illustrator of One Big Salad Juana Medina has studied and taught at the Rhode Island School of Design and now teaches at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University She lives in Washington, D.C.

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  • JuanaLucas
  • Juana Medina
  • 14 January 2019
  • 9781721365463

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    I really enjoyed this early elementary chapter book about Juana, a little girl whose mother is going to get married It addresses all the anxiety of a child in a situation, with the overall message that ...

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    This is the second book in this early chapter book about a young school girl in Bogata.And big changes are coming, because her mother is going to get married, and she isn t sure about that, as most children would be.And in between all this, we get Spanish vocabulary thrown in, so that you can figure out what the word is because of the context.THe pictures of Juana and her d...

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    Juana lives with her mami and her perro Lucas in Bogot , Columbia Everything is lovely until Mami suddenly has a new haircut And is wearing perfume And lots of lipstick.Suddenly, Juana has problemas Big problemas.It turns out that Mami has met Luis And they are getting married When Juana learns this, she tells us, My held melted and b...

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    4.5 Stars This is the second book in this early chapter series Juana and Lucas about a young girl living with her mother and dog in Bogot She is happy and loves things the way they are, but when her mami meets Luis and they plan to get married, Juana is worried how this will change everything Even though she likes being with Luis and he teaches her stuff, she still wishes that her life would go back to the way it was before Luis was around The story deals with her feelings and how she is able to deal with the changes this new situation will bring I also like the smattering of Spanish we learn along the way This is a realistic story that many children will identify with The message of enduring love from our parents and other family members is easy to understand I love the illustrations in this book Juana and Lucas are child appropriate, with bright colours and large...

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    This sequel to Juana Lucas, begins just as Juana is realizing that her just about perfect life has become a little less perfect lately It starts when she notices that her mother is wearing her hair differently, using perfume, lipstick and even singing And lately Juana has also been spending time with her abuelos, or with her abuelo s sister Cecilia, nicknamed Piti, or she has been staying with her cousins Cami Pipe, which is nice since Lucas can come, too But Juana misses spending time with her Mami, whose spending times elsewhere without her.Change is in the air and it turns out that Mami has been dating a man named Luis Luis asks Juana lots of questions about herself when they first meet, and she learns that he loves to take pictures so does she , he has a house in the country, called La Finca, and Luis likes to listen to jazz so does she And she really likes visiting La Finca But when Mami and Luis announce they are getting married, Juana is less than happy.And now, Juana needs to pack all her things because she, Mami, and Luis will be moving to a new house Not only that, but her abuelita s seamstress is called in to take measurements for wedding dresses, including one for Juana and a special bow tie for Lucas Piti is making the wedding cake, and Juana is her official taster And she is excited about the new house, too Pretty soon, Juana s dress is ready, the cake is made, and the wedding day has arrived By now, Juana has accepted tha...

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    For as long as she remembers, Juana s immediate family has consisted of herself, her Mami, and her dog Lucas But, suddenly, things are changing Mami is wearing her hair in a different, fussy way that Juana doesn t like, and Mami is also wearing perfume and lipstick often Mami also has a new friend, Luis, who likes photography and jazz and occasionally takes Juana and Mami to his country house for a weekend Actually, Juana finds that she also likes photography and jazz, and she really likes the country house where she and Lucas can have lots of messy outdoor fun But still, she s not sure about Luis One of her cousins says that her Mami and Luis will probably get married What will that mean for Juana and Lucas Will she have to wear a fussy, itchy dress and be a flower girl Not if she doesn t want to, Mami promises Will Luis move into their apartment or are even bigger changes on the way This illustrated chapte...

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    I love this book It will be perfect for read aloud with my third graders especially because about half of them speak Spanish I loved all of the Spanish sprinkled in and especially loved the Colombian culture throughout the book One of the greatest strengths of this book is truly the illustrations They are fantastic I loved how this book tackled a real life situation a lot of kids go through when the...

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    This is a perfect early chapter book Juana s voice is clever and endearing so is Lucas The pictures are fun, and interestingly presented, and they break up the text nicely some illustrating the story, some character sketches with relevant information about the peop...

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    ADORED this one Juana is a spirited voice in the world of chapter books BIG PROBLEMAS follows her as she adapts to her mother finding love again and remarrying Excellent writing many children will enjoy BIG PLUS it s set in Colombia I ll be reading the first o...

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    2019 Summer Book a Day 2Love that Juana can see the Andes Mountains from her window

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