Blood on the Bayou

From New York Times Best Seller Heather GrahamIt S Winter And A Chill Has Settled Over The Area Near New Orleans Finding A Stream Of Blood, A Tourist Follows It To A Dead Man, Face Down In The Bayou The Man Has Been Done In By A Vicious Beating, So Violent That His Skull Has Been Crushed In It S Barely A Day Before A Second Victim Is Foundonce Again So Badly Thrashed That The Water Runs Red The City Becomes Riddled With Fear.An Old Family Friend Comes To Danni Cafferty, Telling Her That He S Terrified, He S Certain That He S Received A Message From The Blood Bayou Killer It S Your Turn To Pay, Blood On The Bayou.Cafferty And Quinn Quickly Become Involved, And As They All Begin To Realize That A Gruesome Local History Is Being Repeated They Find Themselves In A Fight To Save Not Just A Friend, But, Perhaps, Their Very Own Lives.Blood on the Bayou

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  • Blood on the Bayou
  • Heather Graham
  • 27 March 2019
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    5 stars Full Review for 1001 Dark Nights Bundle Nine at Of Pens and Pages.Loved this novella I don t usually read suspense novels because I get freaked out easy, but I had a lot of fun reading Blood on the Bayou, a novella in the Cafferty and Quinn series A series of killings related to rougarou, a mythical creature in the bayou, no suspects except said mythical creature, and clues here and there It was fun to guess who the killer was, and like Eve from Between the Bookends said, it was like a Scooby Doo mystery The whole time, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, devouring each page I also love how New Orleans and a bit of its culture was featured in this story and how the mystery was weaved in it If I wasn t such a wimp, I d read the whole series Maybe...

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    Bodies have turned up in the swamps of Louisiana and the general public is convinced that the rougarou has come back to kill once again It s up to Quinn and Danni, with the help of their supportive crew, to distinguish fact from legend and catch a killer This story was creepy, mysterious, and a fast paced whodunit.Although it was pretty short, it was jam packed with what are considered facts by the locals Legends, myths, cultural phenomenon, whatever you want to call it, the author brought all of that to this story and I found it so int...

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    This was a fabulous read It was like a Scooby Doo mystery Great background and history for the backdrop of the story Interesting characters, and I didn t even have a clue who the bad guy was until they tore his mask off I love these little novella s

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    One of the things that I love most about the 1001 Dark Nights line of novellas is that they give you a chance to sample an authors work that you might not have ever dared to pick up and try before BLOOD ON THE BAYOU did just that for me I ve been on a big romantic suspense kick lately so this book really hit the spot for me.I loved the creepy atmospheric setting that was created and so richly painted Even though I ve never been to Louisiana, I felt like I was down there with the people The lore, history, and different cultures and practices that were described made the book and the characters that much intriguing There was a slow build to the mystery and suspense part of the novel that I really enjoyed.This book has a supernatural element to it, which I usually don t come across in the books that I read every day Especially with romantic suspen...

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    Just the name, Blood on the Bayou, makes me want to read this, but I am also a huge fan of Heather Graham No way could I resist a trip to New Orleans I am very familiar with the place I have walked the streets, ate in the restaurants, listened to the music and drank the drinks.The mix of cultures and myths and legends that surround the Bayou are full of superstition and monsters and a great location to dump some bodies Critters and the elements will make quick work of any evidence left behind.This novella builds in suspense and mystery as the body count grows The creep factor rises I race through the pages trying to figure it out We have plenty of suspects to choose from, and the winner is I received a copy of Blood on the Bayou by Heather Graham in return ...

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    3.5 stars.Bodies found in the Bayou with their throats bitten open and the locals are saying the legendary Rougarou Wolfman has reappeared Quinn is asked by his ex partner Larue to consult, but Danni is sure that there are logical reasons for the killings Another short whodunit with a ...

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    Another good Cafferty and Quinn novella Need longer ones

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    Title Blood On The BayouAuthor Heather GrahamSeries 1001 Dark NightsPublisher Evil Eye ConceptsRelease Date January 26th, 2016Genre s Romance Page Count 96 pagesHeat Level 3.5 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5Blurb Gabby Roman has every intention of following through on a promise that she made, but when she feels that she is about to make the biggest mistake of her life, she runs as far as the road will take her Destiny awaits Gabby, or so she thinks She finds herself trying to settle in a place where she does not fit in When Gabby meets Ty, she feels a pull like she s never felt before Although the pull is strong for Ty, the small town pettiness is stronger Will she survive the ridicule or will she run from the one person who makes her feel safe Bravo Quite frankly I was completely unprepared for Heather Graham s contribution to the 1001 Dark Nights series with Blood on the Bayou While I m used to paranormal, erotica or contemporary romance novels to date, to have the chance to read a suspense thriller with that romantic spin was the last thing I had expected from Heather G...

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    Blood on the Bayou is a quick burst of suspenseful mystery There are murders on the bayou Everywhere you turn there is blood or bodies Is the person responsible for the deaths a serial killer Or is it something far sinister Set in New Orleans Heather gram mixes charm, legends, and history Twenty years ago there was a killing spree The locals was convinced that the Rougarou Wolfman was responsible for the deaths A body is found in the swamp and the towns peoples worst fears resurface Could the Rougarou have resurfaced after two decades Can the detectives face their childhood fears and get to the bottom of the murders before blood is shed Are there loved ones safe Can they outsmart the Rougarou This novella is filled to capacity with anticipation I was in the edge of my seat from the prologue to the last sentence I started the story and did not set the book down until I finished it Once again Heather Graham has blown me away 4 Charming Blood Filled Stars ARC was provided to Books Nee...

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    This is the newest offering of the Cafferty , and Quinn Series The book was a great murder mystery, that was supposed to be based on an old urban legend, that many in NOLA still believed Some one, or something was killing people in the swamp, by bashing in their heads, and ripping out their throats The police ask in Cafferty, and Quinn, who seem to specialize in the unknown to help I loved the twists ,and turns, but wish it had been a longer book Father Ryan, Natasha, Bo Ray, and Billie were all along for the search I hope this series continues I really have loved reading this series, and following the couple s romance Plus we have all come to love their dog Wolfevil still lurks out...

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