The Second Novel In The Acclaimed, Best Selling Euro Crime Series That Began With The Hercule Poirot Award Winner, Absinthe If The World Will End In Flames, Who Is Stoking The Fire Walter Eekhaut, The Veteran Chief Inspector From The Brussels Police Force Who Has A Problem With Authority, Remains In Amsterdam, Where He Was Dispatched To Aid The Dutch Security Service When His Boss, Chief Superintendent Alexandra Dewaal, Receives A Tip From One Of Her Informants, The Two Find Themselves Across The Border In His Home Country, Tramping In The Belgian Ardennes On A Frigid January Day What They Find Is Macabre And Horrific Seven Charred Human Bodies, Attached To Tall Stakes With Chains, In An Almost Perfect Circle From The Look Of It, These People Were Burned Alive In Some Sort Of Ritual On The Wall Of A Cabin, Eekhaut And Dewaal Find The Enigmatic Message This World Seems To Last Forever But It Is Merely The Dream Of A Sleeper Similar Events Occur Elsewhere In Europe As Well As Africa, Where Eekhaut S New Girlfriend Has Gone On Temporary Assignment For An International Aid Agency Operating In Somalia There Have Long Been Stories Of An Apocalyptic Religious Cult, The Church Of Supreme Purification, Along With A Shadowy Militant Offshoot Are These Events Tied To Them Is This Some Sort Of Worldwide Conspiracy To Cleanse Human Society By Fire, Or Is There A Sinister ExplanationPurgatory

Guido Eekhaut writes crime novels, speculative fiction and Young Adult science fiction He was formerly a journalist and futurist, and worked in the financial sector His books and stories have appeared in several languages, from Dutch and English to Chinese His crime book Absinthe received the 2009 Hercule Poirot Award He was twice shortlisted for the Dutch Golden Noose crime award.

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  • Purgatory
  • Guido Eekhaut
  • 20 June 2019

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    Although Walter Eekhaut and Alexandra Dewaal make a second appearance, after their adventures in Absinth 2009 , and several other characters also return in Purgatory, the book can easily be read as a stand alone.When seven burned bodies are discovered in Belgium, and even in Somalia, it is clear there must be a real organization behind this And there is, an organization that had very strange ideas about our world and how it will end, so they want to give a helping hand, so to say It is up to Walter and Alexandra to end this, before many, many victims will fall.It is funny to read a book in English while knowing the original language of the book is my own, Dutch The translater did a great job though, because there are hardly any mistakes and those that there are will probably not be found by native English speakers.Unfortunately the story itself was quite slow in places and sometimes it was difficult to follow who was thinking what and...

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    Once again we follow Walter Eekhaut in his new position in Amsterdam where he is trying to settle in with his new colleagues This time the story covers big parts of the world and also history I must say I really like this series and must...

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