Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs: Care/Facilities/Management/Breed Selection

Stressing The Importance Of Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly Farming Practices, Farmer Kelly Klober Provides Expert Advice On Making Any Size Hog Operation Efficient And Profitable In Storey S Guide To Raising Pigs The Most Comprehensive Book Available On The Topic, This Fourth Edition Features The Most Up To Date Practices, Illustrated With Color Photography Both Beginners And Experienced Farmers Will Find All The Information They Need To Select, House, Care For, Breed, And Butcher Pigs, Along With Marketing Advice.Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs: Care/Facilities/Management/Breed Selection

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs: Care/Facilities/Management/Breed Selection book, this is one of the most wanted Kelly Klober author readers around the world.

[ Download ] ➸ Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs: Care/Facilities/Management/Breed Selection Author Kelly Klober –
  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs: Care/Facilities/Management/Breed Selection
  • Kelly Klober
  • 01 November 2017
  • 9781635860429

10 thoughts on “Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs: Care/Facilities/Management/Breed Selection

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    Interesting stuff I d never heard about breeds, especially the Mulefoot It s also opening my eyes a bit to some management marketing problems I may have I presently raise free range laying hens and broilers chickens I sell the eggs and meat at farmers markets Since purchasing acreage, I ve been considering raising hogs and selling the meat along with my chicken and eggs I m aware of my customers concerns and what I need to provide in order to charge a premium price without being certified organic I also like to let animals live a lifestyle that is natural to them as much as possible For these reasons, I had planned to let my hogs free range on pasture.Reading this book, though, I m no longer certain that would be the best thing to do Hogs feet are split into two pointy toes that tear into soil, and they like to root just under the surface of the soil with their snouts This is why some permaculturists recommend using them for tilling, which I may do sometime next year This damages plants and contributes to soil erosion In short, unlike ruminants like sheep and cattle who can improve pasture over time if properly rotated , hogs actually destroy pasture.We only have about five acres, mostly wooded, and I plan...

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    An excellent resource for anyone new to livestock raising in general and swine in particular Read my full review at

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    Storey sGuideToRaisingPigs,4thEdition NetGalley Sustainable An excellent blend between theory and practice The descriptions are well illustrated and the content is very useful to start raising pigs A very good references book for people looking to start farming naturally without antibiotics.

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    This didn t have as much how to as the typical Storey s, but Jared still enjoyed it and we have added it to the growing homestead library.

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    good info

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    Full of good information, but kind of one sided The author raises pretty traditional breeds on drylots not pastures and sells pigs to other farmers than he does raise his own pork though there s plenty of information on that as well He advocates for cleanliness and prevention to control disease, but does seem to support a liberal use of antibiotics, including antibiotic feed though he talks about other options He s very big on feeding pigs pretty much all shelled corn protein supplement, so those looking for information about raising pigs on sustainable feedstuffs like I am will disappointed in that area This book does a better job of in...

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    Storey s Guide to Raising Pigs is an excellent, middle of the road, beginner book Granted, I really wanted a lot information on pasturing, but Walter Jeffries excellent blog will stand in until he finishes up his book In the meantime, Storey s Guide to Raising Pigs should get us started on our first set of finishing hogs the pig e...

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    Great book Kelly may be an odd sort of man but he sure knows his hogs My wife and I have raised hogs twice now and this book has been indispensable.I will say that I feel the author leans a bit to the extreme side of what it takes to raise pigs it isn t as complicated as it seemed in the book but I d rather be over informed then under informed when it comes to an investment like raising meat for the family I d say that small or large ambitions, t...

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    We wanted to learn what it took to raise pigs on an open lot to see if it would be doable with the land we had This edition of Storey s Guide To Raising Pigs provided us with enough information to make some plans fo...

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    I can t imagine there are many better guidebooks for raising hogs at a small scale Kelly Klober keeps his advice straightforward and full of anecdotes and practical country wisdom I ve dogeared plenty of pages this guide ...

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