Pleiadian Earth Energy Astrology

Discover How To Navigate The Spiral Energy Patterns Of The Universe For Spiritual Advancement And Conscious Evolution Explains How The Cycles Of The 13 Spirals Of Universal Energy And The 20 Spirals Of Earth Energy Interact On Each Calendar Day As Well As Provides A Pleiadian Perspective On How They Influence Us And The Events In Our Lives Offers Practical Examples Of How You Can Consciously Use The Energies Prevalent On A Given Day To Your Personal, Spiritual Benefit Shares Cosmic Wisdom Teachings From The Pleiadian Group Known As Laarkmaa Modern Science Has Finally Confirmed An Essential Component Of The Pleiadian Teachings Our Universe Is Not Linear It Moves In Spirals Human Evolution Also Unfolds In Spirals, Rather Than The Linear Progression We Call Progress Sharing The Cosmic Wisdom Teachings They Have Received From The Pleiadian Group Known As Laarkmaa, Authors Pia Orleane And Cullen Baird Smith Reveal A New System Of Pleiadian Earth Energy Astrology Centered On The Spiraling And Interconnected Movement Of Universal And Earth Energies, Rather Than On Time, And Explain How This New Wave Of Pleiadian Wisdom Can Support Human Evolution The Authors Identify Two Major Spiral Patterns That Influence Us The 13 Spirals Of Universal Energy That Reflect Cosmic Laws And Cosmic Truth And The 20 Spirals Of Earth Energy That Reflect How Humans Experience Themselves, Each Other, And Their Environment They Explain The Dominant Energy Of Each Of The 13 Universal Energy Spirals And How They Cycle In 13 Day Periods They Detail How These 13 Universal Energy Spirals Interact With The Cycles Of The 20 Earth Energy Spirals On Each Calendar Day, Providing A Hundred Year Ephemeris And A Pleiadian Perspective With Which To Understand The Events In Your Life Offering Practical Examples, They Show How You Can Consciously Use The Energies Prevalent On A Given Calendar Day To Your Personal, Spiritual Advantage Providing A Map To Transcend All Systems That No Longer Serve Us, Freeing Us To Become The Enlightened Cosmic Beings We Truly Are, The Authors Show How, With The Wisdom Of The Pleiadian Earth Energy System, We Can Each Discover Our Specific Gifts, Work Through The Challenges Of Our Own Shadows, And Individually And Collectively Evolve Into A Higher Vibrational Species.Pleiadian Earth Energy Astrology

DR PIA ORLEANE s one of the world s leading experts on the divine feminine A former practicing psychologist, she received an international award from Saybrook University for her groundbreaking research on the importance of natural cycles for life Dr Orleane now travels the world lecturing on the value of divine feminine wisdom and natural cycles Combining science and ancient wisdom, she offer

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  • Paperback
  • 354 pages
  • Pleiadian Earth Energy Astrology
  • Pia Orleane
  • 12 October 2018
  • 9781591433095

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    This book does not require any astrology understanding Very interesting This book suggests a calendar that works with different energies instead of time.The Universe doesn t move in a linear fashion, it moves in spirals The main energies which are affecting us are separated into 13 universal energies and 20 earth energies Every day has one universal and one earth energy.That is the pretty basic description, of course there s to it.The book goes in depth with each of the energies, what role Venus plays in all of it, what collective and personal shadow cycles are and when these are happening In the end it gets all tied up together so that you re ready to implement the system into your everyday life Btw this system is basically the same one that the Maya s got, but aligned with the modern time and the English language Yes, it has a chapter about the 2012 energies.One chapter is dedicated to refer each earth energy with a planet or asteriod, for an easier understanding of the energies when you re familiar with astrology.There s an ephemeris in the appendix for the years 1975 2030 You can copy the energies into your gregorian calendar to work with it or you can buy a separate calandar, where everything is marked already I personally bought the calendar for...

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