The Ultimate Book of Planet Earth

The Internationally Successful Ultimate Book Series Expands Its Scope To Embrace Very Appropriately The Whole World The Ultimate Book Of Planet Earth Offers Lots Of Opportunity For Hands On Interaction Using Flaps, Pop Ups, And Pull A Tab To See How Magma Erupts From A Volcano, Turn A Page For A Pop Up Of A Mountain Range, Or Rotate A Wheel To Move The Blades Of A Wind Turbine Planet Earth Explores Not Only The Geology Of The Earth Oceans, Continents, And The Formation Of Mountains And Volcanoes But Also Its Geo Graphy, Atmosphere, And Weather A Valuable Reference Book For Any ChildThe Ultimate Book of Planet Earth

Curious and passionate about books since childhood, Anne Sophie Baumann studied Modern Literature at the Sorbonne She worked for several years as an editor in the scientific field, and later, in the juvenile segment It was when she decided engage in writing for children.

!!> Ebook ➭ The Ultimate Book of Planet Earth  ➮ Author Anne-Sophie Baumann –
  • Hardcover
  • 18 pages
  • The Ultimate Book of Planet Earth
  • Anne-Sophie Baumann
  • 03 December 2018

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