Twenty Five Year Old Wilson Has Autism He Likes Bugs And Can Tell You Everything About Every Species He Sees When The People Nearest And Dearest To Him Start Getting Murdered, Rhode Island Detectives Artie Furtado And Dick Cook Suspect There Might Be To Wilson Than Meets The Eye To Find Out The Truth They Ll Have To Dig Into His Past, And His Future Is He Killing People Or Is There Something Far Nefarious At Work An All New Horror Mystery Novel From The Author Of The Summer I Died, And Hissers Ryan C Thomas Writing Is Sickeningly Twisted GorefiendBugboy

I am the author of the novels The Summer I Died, Ratings Game, Born to Bleed, Salticidae, Undead World of Oz, Hissers and I hope to learn a lot from the readers on this site, and get some good book recs in the process Thanks

[ PDF / Epub ] ☉ Bugboy  Author Ryan C. Thomas – Mauritiusholidayvillas.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 324 pages
  • Bugboy
  • Ryan C. Thomas
  • English
  • 02 July 2019

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    3.5 Review to come.

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    Wow I just don t know where to start Great beginning and middle parts of the book but what happened to the ending Can t help but feel a little jipped Ryan had me going Great plot, interesting charactersI mean, bugs aren t my thing, but he definitely made it mysterious In the end, I knew I d be a little disappointed because let s face it, unless bugs are your thing I really don t think they make a good horr...

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    So, I like to write a review and then read other reviews With this one I decided to just do a quick cut and past review of my final thoughts that I posted in a group read that I did and make it a spoilers only review but after seeing that it only has 3 other reviews two from others in my group that read it with me I have decided to write out a longer spoiler free review that will give people a better idea of what they are getting into if there is anyone out there reading reviews to decide if they want to purchase this book It has good characters and as always with Ryan C Thomas it is well written The problem is that it blends genres in a way that don t really work The horror aspects of the book are so rediculous that the only way they can really be taken serious would be in a YA novel, which is kind of what it feels like while reading except for a few bits of nastier stuff that make sure it stays in the adult category It is equal parts detective mystery as it is horro...

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    This book was mixed for me It started out good I don t know what happened I wanted to read to the end and find out what happened, but something was lacking for me Maybe I am just not into

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    Enjoyable creepfest involving a mentally challenged young man who abused during his childhood has developed the ability to communicate with insects Mysterious murders and inter dimensional creatures abound in this horror thriller Highly recommended.

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    I love this book It has an old style Sci Fi movie vibe going on Ryan Thomas keeps the tension going throughout the story if I put the book down for a bit I soon found myself drawn back to it Man, I hate bugs and I m never going to trust one ever again after reading this book.The novel scores highly on plot, dialogue and characters The balance between narration and dialogue is very good and the structure of the book is well thought out And there s plenty of humour too, through the police detectives dialogue which is the perfect foil for the horror scenes There s a fair amount of buggy related horror which works well...

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