Seth Is A Part Of The Barringer Brothers Series, But Can Be Read As A Standalone After Too Many Deep Dives As An Underwater Welder, Seth Barringer Needs To Stay On Land For Awhile He And A Friend Rent A California Beach House Seth Plans To Spend The Summer Months Pursuing His Favorite Hobby Women But When He Meets Noelle Coltrane, His Plans Are Obliterated Seth Barringer Has Finally Met His Forever Girl But Can He Break Through The Steel Barrier Noelle Has Constructed Around Her Heart Noelle Coltrane Lost Her Husband, High School Sweetheart And Soul Mate, Hayden Coltrane, Two Years Ago When His Helicopter Was Shot Down In Afghanistan There Has Never Been Anyone Else But Hayden Now Seth Barringer Has Walked Into Her Life Wreaking Havoc On Her Emotions And Stirring Up Feelings She Thought Long Gone She Finds Herself Struggling Between Her Sense Of Loyalty To The Man She Once Loved And Her Attraction Seth The Barringer Brothers SeriesRain Shadow Books Now Available Gage Now Available Cash Now Available Jericho Now AvailableSeth

Tess Oliver is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Custom Culture series and a large collection of other romances She is well known for her relatable characters who become your friends as you journey with them and for intriguing stories that will have you devouring her books in just one day Tess has been featured on USA Today s Happy Ever After site, and in publicati

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  • English
  • 12 August 2018

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    Have I ever mentioned I LOVE TESS OLIVER I do, I really do Seth was another kick ass brother I want all these Barringer brothers to hole up in a house, alone, with me Just me There is just something about these HOT HOT HOT brothers I suggest you start reading everything you can get your hands on by Tess Oliver, you will not be disappointed

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    I was given this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion Seth is dreamy, that s for sure Add in the beach, and you ve got the perfect summer love story The Barringer s will all fight for what they believe in but they are defiantly lovers than anything So when Seth gets gobsmacked, he gets GOBSMACKED Love this sweet addition to the Barringer Brothers series Reading OrderRain Shadow 1Rain Shadow 2Rain Shadow 3Rain Shadow 4Rain Shadow 5Gage The Barringer Brothers 1 Cash The Barringer Brothers 2 Seth The Barringer Brothers 3 TBRJericho The Barringer Brothers 4

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    Seth that boy is different from his brothers he s not that aggressive or alpha but he had a wicked sense of humor, uh, let s see I ll sleep till effing noon and then I ll get up and scratch my a and then I ll go plant myself out there to watch the bikini parade Oh, and I ll be sure to think of you toiling away in your welder s mask while I do it Noelle she was cute you couldn t help but love her, her mouth dropped open We re going to see baby animals she asked excitedly I love baby animals Seth sometimes takes his humor a little to far, I can t kiss you, Noelle And it s your fault She pulled back slightly, but I pulled her back toward me and smiled You should have told them no onions Seth I enjoyed him, I mean his story, it was different from his brothers.

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    Seth is the third book in the Barringer Brothers series and I really enjoyed this book This book tells about Seth Barringer and what happens to him one summer when he has to stay on land for a while His regular job is an underwater welder, and so he needed to stay on land for a while to avoid getting the bends from being underwater too long So Seth and his friend rent a beach house right on the sand and work at a temporary welding job on a building going up It is here that he meets Noelle and in his own words as he made fun of his brother Gage and twin brother Luke, who we met in the Rain shadow series, books 1 through 5 and in the first book of this series Gage , he gets gobsmacked However Noelle is a widow and she is still hung up on the first and only man she ever loved who was killed in Afghanistan Hayden He was her first and only love and two years later still wears his dog tags around her neck.This book tells their story and what happens between them, and Seth s road to finding his one and only, and Noel s dealing with trying to move forward from her past This book is really well written and in true Tess Oliver fashion, has a lot of emotional angst and a good plot with a lot of love, lust, and some humorous moments between some of the characters, namely the brothers It also stresses a problem all too common in our lifetimes, and that is a lot of young men going off to war and not coming back, and how hard it is too move on.I really enjoyed this book and look forward to many books to come from this author Read this book and find out what happens, and if you have not read the others, I recommend reading Rain Shadow Series, 1 5, and Gage and Cash followed by this book, Seth I gave this book 5 stars, and hope to read another book in this series, with all of these characters we have come to know and love

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    4 Feeling sad stars I had such high hopes for this book, and I feel sad that I am not able to give it a 5 stars if not for the ending I would have My personal opinion is that the book could have been a bit longer with a better declaration of love, I wanted stars exploding and earth shaking for them but for me it felt dull and boring.Look I fell in love with Seth in Gage s book he was funny as hell and adorable sweet and lovable Noelle was a difficult character for me I liked her and I could feel sorry for her for the bitter loss she had to struggle through but I don t know. I cant seem to put my finger on what I did not like I know the problem is most likely me, I have a tendency to have high hopes for book characters I feel connected to and Seth was one of them XXX

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    5 AMAZING STARS I was given an ARC from the author for an honest review Thanks Tess I have been in love with this series ever since book one One of my all time fave series no doubt I m a Barringer Brother Girl 4 Life Seth can be read as a stand alone and my Oh my will u love Seth Yes he s an arrogant sob who thought he had it all together until a girl woke him up and made him smell reality Noelle has been through a tragic loss and Seth wants to be there for her, but can he put his playa hat away Please one click March 6th it s epic

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    He was a character, a charming, handsome and incredibly brave character And it seemed that I might have played my hand so wrong, so coolly, that he had lost interest in me Which, I d told myself than once on the drive to his house, was a good thing Right A good thing Shit Such is the complicated dynamic between our misunderstood hero and struggling heroine Seth and Noelle Noelle is faced with an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame over an undeniable attraction to transient underwater welder Seth who arrives unexpectedly in her beach town home It s a rollercoaser ride of a book, with emotions up one minute only to be brought abruptly back down again in the next breath, just when you think this fledgling friendship has a chance at romance something happens to derail the happiness, whether it s self sabotage and insecurities or third party interference Tess Oliver showcases her innate compassion and understanding of human emotions as she categorises Noelle s turbulent feelings towards the man with the swagger, arrogance and stigma of being a bit of a love em and leave em type of ripped, tattooed bad boy The initial introduction to Seth makes him seem rather laid back if a bit fickle and indifferent when it comes to girls and his lack of respect for them but through the progression of the story and through Noelle s perspective we get to see a depth to Seth, he s caring, loyal and has a modesty that is sometimes camouflaged by his funny and confident personality There was a wickedly slimy adversary to add an element of drama and violence to the plot as well as some very good side players whose personalities although not always agreeable definitely popped off the page to shake things up a bit Noelle s back story is heart wrenching and you can literally feel her indecision and confusion when it comes to the delectable Seth but will she be able to push those negative thoughts aside and grab onto a happily ever after with the sexy and sweet Barringer but importantly will Seth use his wicked charm and fight for his forever girl You definitely have to read this to find out Another great addition to the series with Tess s attention to dialogue and interaction bringing the book up to the five star mark Ask it of me, Noelle I m willing to go as slow as you need It will take all of my resolve and self control because I m dying to touch you, but I can do it Just ask me.

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    Given ARC by author for Honest Review Thank You Tess I know I keep saying this with every Tess Oliver book I read, but WOW Tess you did it again I am in LOVE with another Barringer brother This is one of my FAVORITE series I have ever read Seth was a GREAT read I couldn t put it down I read it all in one night after putting the kids to bed I just couldn t stop till I was done and still wanted I want to see all the brothers together with their girls maybe a wedding or 2, or 3 just saying I loved the story of of Seth Noelle Seth goes to California to take a break from his job as an underwater welder to give his body a break rents a house on the beach with a friend to work on a construction site Seth like his other brothers is an arrogant player and uses his looks attitude to get whatever and whomever he wants he has never had a woman turn him down until Noelle Noelle works across the street from the construction site with her grandfather in law an ex professional surfer in his surf shop Seth is taken with Noelle from the first time he saw her showering on the beach to wash the sand off her after surfing Noelle on the other hand can see Seth for whom he is a cocky womanizer who uses his charms to get women to sleep with him and then moves on to the next girl waiting for a chance to be with him Noelle is also battling some serious feelings of lust vs guilt She is VERY attracted to Seth, but is mourning her dead husband Hayden, her high school sweetheart who died in the war 2 years earlier when his helicopter was shot down She feels like she is betraying Hayden by having feelings for Seth, so she is willing to give up a relationship that would make her happy to continue grieving for someone who will never return to her Is Noelle his Forever Girl You have to read it to find out Seth being a Barringer doesn t give up He is not pushy in her face, he lets the relationship build at a pace that Noelle is comfortable with Over time and after a few circumstances, obstacles, and up down emotions I am not going to give everything away you have to read the book TRUST ME you will Thank Me their relationship becomes stronger This was truly a great read but I want of their story OK Tess bring on Jericho

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    The Barringer boys are like no other They seem rough and wild, enjoying their women fast and loose, but have hearts full of love As members of the Gobsmacked Club all the boys have fallen in love and left their single days behind them Seth is one of the twins, the other one is Luke from the Rainshadow series, and Gage is the older brother Seth has a military past and a job as an underwater welder He is working on land for the summer when he falls for Noelle, a widow of the war in Iraq and fellow water lover While she gets over the loss of her husband Seth is falling hard Oliver always brings out the sweet and gentle side of these chick magnets With her stories we get an adventure in love and suspense Some nasty businessman is stirring the pot and lucky for all Seth is also a hero This novel is a standalone but please read the others, you won t regret it Thank you Tess for my copy so I could give a review.

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    4.5 I was given a copy for a honest review I love the Barringer brothers and this series Everything that Tess has written has been a heart stopper and a beautiful read This one was no different I loved that the heart breaker finally met his forever girl in Noelle Someone who never expected to get past her own loss and devastation to open herself up again These two were made for each other I did not like Rocko or Grace to much Seemed like meddling busy bodies to me Loved that Luke and Gage made a small appearance in the book What i love even is the setting, the beach This story was beautiful and it was good to see that behind the charm is a man, Seth, with a heart of gold Some of the drama that unfolded seemed a little unnecessary and the way it ended was too quick but overall the book is going to be a hit I can t wait to see of Seth and Noelle s story because this was just the beginning I know I will need of them soon Great job Tess

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