Accursed Inhabitants of the House of Bly

For Her 1994 Collection Haunted Tales Of The Grotesque, Joyce Carol Oates Wrote This Imaginative Retelling Of Henry James The Turn Of The Screw From The Perspective Of The Ghosts While Accursed Inhabitants Of The House Of Bly Unfortunately But Necessarily Eliminates The Ambiguity Of James Original Text, It Makes Up For The Loss By Offering Such An Intriguing Spin On One Of Literature S Most Familiar And Beloved Horror Stories.Accursed Inhabitants of the House of Bly

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  • 28 pages
  • Accursed Inhabitants of the House of Bly
  • Joyce Carol Oates
  • English
  • 20 January 2018

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    This is a well written if rather strange story Joyce Carol Oates takes the story and just turns it on its head It s completely her take of the situation with just the same character names The difference is really rather jarring I loved her language and writing style though There was something so c...

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    This book uses a lot of different Gothic elements, which gives strengths to the plot in context of the given genre The sexual elements between Jessel and Quint, their romance is described as something grouse and shameful, but even the many hard words that drip of disgust, even from the protagonist, there is something strange fascinating throughout the wilderness, even though it is described as unromantic Fobbed love, rebelliousness and the urge to rebel lurk in all young people and especially in teenagers It is not impossible to imagine that Joyce Carol Oate s novel has been read by many younger people, in order to try to understand what cannot be talked about, and no one know The negative underneath runs like the red thread throughout the novel, but contrary to what is suggested, it has no negative effect on the romance s very poetic and beautiful vocabulary The setting itself is not clear, apart from the fact that the story takes place in a house that does not seem very attractive to the characters, despite its ...

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