The Nether

I Ve Read The Studies No One Has Been Able To Draw A Conclusive Correlation Between Virtual Behaviour And Behaviour In World The Nether Is A Virtual Wonderland That Provides Total Sensory Immersion Just Log In, Choose An Identity And Indulge Your Every Desire But When A Young Detective Uncovers A Disturbing Brand Of Entertainment, She Triggers An Interrogation Into The Darkest Corners Of The ImaginationWinner Of The Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, The Nether Is Both A Serpentine Crime Drama And Haunting Sci Fi Thriller That Explores The Consequences Of Living Out Our Private DreamsJennifer Haley S The Nether Received Its UK Premiere In July At The Royal Court Theatre, London, In A Co Production With HeadlongThe Nether

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Nether book, this is one of the most wanted Jennifer Haley author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 80 pages
  • The Nether
  • Jennifer Haley
  • English
  • 07 January 2019

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    Very nicely realized play about the ambiguities of life inside the internet, which Haley renames the nether to emphasize the demonic elements set free by divorcing physical and virtual experience This is a hobby horse of mine, so she was preaching to the choir but her sermon winds upnuanced and complicated than it probably would have been had I been in charge The issues wo...

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    Forcing readers to consider the consequences humankind s growing integration into the realm of virtual internet reality, The Nether by Jennifer Haley presents some daunting philosophical and moral questions that are sure to arise in even greater detail in our near future.

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    Still thinkin on it

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    Hard hitting issues of morality and psychosis It would have been better if the characters werethree dimensional but maybe she intended it to be that way Still, a good play that asks tough questions.

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    Very provocative Deals with sexual boundaries and the ideal of living, killing, and copulating in an online world known in this realm as the Nether Reminded me of Sword Art Online, in which Kirito spends most of his time in the game world, and No Game No Life, for the same reason To think that a future for our society seeing how much time we spend today on social media and the Internet, which has grown so vast to spend most of our waking hours in a virtua...

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    This was recommended to me by a stranger who asked me about my research interests The play does sound entirely up my alley cyberspace, selfhood, the body, ethics, etc However, The Nether is clearly not written for me or other people well versed in science fiction Instead, this play is Baby s First Science Fiction None of the content is remotely novel nor is the execution particularly forceful or compelling The plotting is pedestr...

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    Intellectually intriguing, well written play about the moral responsibilities that come with online game role playing My only qualm is that much of the play consists of two characters interacting while seated across from each other across a ta...

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    An idea need not be new to be exciting, nor a moral quandary virgin to spark insight Sexual deviance, pedophilia, intrinsic self hood, and virtual reality yield complexity worth re investigating, re imagining, and re considering for these realities are ever in their re making.

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    So about three weeks ago I auditioned for a part in the New Zealand Premier of this show which is happening around April next year The audition consisted of people being paired up in front of the producer to do a cold read.I knew nothing about the show before hand so you can imagine my surprise as I started reading, many times I was thinking something along the lines of holy shit.After the audition I immediately purchased the kindle edition so I could read the whole thing and wow This is mea So about three weeks ago I auditioned for a part in the Ne...

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    Though the premise was deceptively simple, and neither an entirely novel or unimaginable setting to explore, the play was still haunting in the best way The plotting was somewhat predictable, and Haley doesn t offer any groundbreaking or complex positions to answer the questions of the ethics or reality and virtual being Yet, in the clearness of the writing and in shying away from offering her own mediation of morals or existentialism, she leaves the play open and unsettled In its bareness, T Though the premise was deceptively simple, and neither an entirely novel or unimaginable setting to explore, the play was still hauntin...

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