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Members Of The Crazy Writers Group Gather On Tuesday Nights In A Local Watering Hole To Bemoan Their Fates As Unpublished Authors But A New Era Is Dawning With Epublishing The Question Is Will They Be Selling Their Literary Souls By Taking That Step Frustrated As Writers And With Their Jobs And Lives, Something Has To Give But What A Story Of Misspent Youth, Literary Longing And The Choices Both Good And Bad We All Make In Life The Crazy Writers Group Is A Wry, Painful Glimpse Into The Foibles Of Human Nature.The Crazy Writers Group

Mike Reuther has a passion for writing He s the author of a number of books both fiction and nonfiction including the best selling novel, Nothing Down He s also the author of books that help writers realize their writing dreams, among them, Write the Darn Book and How to Write a Book Without Going Crazy A longtime journalist and freelance writer, he devotes the warmer months of

Epub ➝ The Crazy Writers Group  Author Mike Reuther –
  • Paperback
  • 182 pages
  • The Crazy Writers Group
  • Mike Reuther
  • English
  • 10 September 2019
  • 9781502987365

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    Full disclosure I received a copy of The Crazy Writers Group by Mike Reuther as a Goodreads giveaway That in no way affects the review which follows.I found The Crazy Writers Group to be a fun read, easy to follow, and with likeable characters There were very few typos which disappeared altogether after the book got going , and the glimpse into the nature of a group of fledgling writers was enjoyable Reuther s writers spend a good deal of the book hanging out in bookstores, which I really liked His characters discuss the pros and cons of e publishing, as compared with traditional publishing, and their strong opinions seem believable to me One of the things I most enjoyed about the book was the road trip that some of the characters make, while they are also journeying and growing through their frustrations about writing The only thing I really didn t like was that two of the three main female characte...

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    Reuther has created a fun story with Crazy Writers Group The characters are likable and relatable, and just as zany as the situations the author puts them in That said, the author could ve stirred his imagination a tad in places, and resolved areas of predictability it was obvious who would die , repetition there are other great writers beyond Salinger and Kerouac to allude to , and proofreading Also, his portrayal of epublishing and resulting downfall of boo...

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    William is a member of a group called the Crazy Writers Group made up of William with three other would be writers, Katrina, Steven, and Walt The book follows their attempts to write a novel for traditional publishing with some of the pitfalls along the way Any writer or someone attempting to write something publishable will recognize the characters in this easy to read book E publishing is just coming to the fore, and it creates a debate among the group still being waged today about the viability of electronic readers vs books you can hold in your hand.Mr Reuther is a good writer, especially with his dialogue, and I enjoyed the first part where the group is meeting and William is interacting with them and other characters The second part with the road trip was not so much a homage to Kerouac and th...

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    I wanted to like this book I couldn t wait to get it I had planned to buy 10 copies one for every member of my writers group BUTit was awful I wish I had my money back Was it even edited There are chara...

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    It just didn t hold my interest I read about 1 3 of book in the middle.the book and quit and I rarely

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