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Get Your Copy Of The Hot Selling Murder Thriller Book The Urge A Murder Mystery Thriller You Will Not Be Able To Resist Except From Chapter One EncounterMy Name Is Brian BlackdeathOf Course It Is Not My Real Name It S A Self Imposed Pseudonym What Grew Inside Of Me As A Child I Simply Refer To It As The Urge What The Urge Really Is, A Story Unto Its Self, Hard To Explain In Just A Few Words Many Things In Life Are Hard To Explain, With Any Intelligence, In Just A Few WordsI Go On Walking Expeditions, Or Interviews, Looking For People I Help These People I M Not Your Average Serial Killer That Thinks It S Okay To Kill Without PurposeI Have A PurposeAs A Matter Of Fact, I Do Not Kill, I Lay Them To Rest It Is What They Desire It Is What They Would Like Me To Do For Them Release Them From Mediocrity, The Mundaneness Of Their LifeI Find People, Through Many Different Ways, In Bars, On The Street, Restaurants, Etc Anywhere There Are People You Are Bound To Find MeI Already Have Many, Many Stories To Tell Of Those That Have Already Been Laid To Rest Eyes Open Hands Laid Across The Chest I Remember Them Well I Feel They Are Happier Now I Ve Done Nothing Wrong, At Least That S How I FeelBut, I DigressWhat Makes Me Kill Is How I See Killing Killing Isn T A God Complex No It Shouldn T Be Thought Of As That No One Kills To Make Himself Feel Like The Almighty CreatorI Don T Kill For Fun Either It S Only Exhilarating When You Out Smart Someone That S Trying To Preserve Themselves It S Hard To Kill An Innocent Begging And Pleading To Be Spared Although, There Is A Superiority Rush, Which Makes You Kill Them AnywayI Kill Because Of The Primal Thing It S Not Fear Or Survival It S Man S Basic Primal Urge To Kill It S No Different From Seeing A Good Looking Woman And Wanting To Fuck HerI Lay Them To Rest To Satisfy My Primal Urge I Know I Could Suppress It, If I Wanted Or Needed To Many Of Us Suppress It Every Day Sometimes People Slip, The News Calls It Road Rage But, Even Then, People Suppress It And Go On With LifeI Like The Feeling I Get From A Good Kill No Different From The Hunter When It Captures Its Prey Oh, The Rush Of Smells And The Jolt Of Adrenaline Sometimes It Makes You Want To Scream From Sheer Pleasure But, It Never Fails, Those Feelings Of Humanity The Somberness Of Guilt Norman Putnam Norman Putnam, An Ordinary, Less Than Average Man, Meets Brian A Charismatic Handsome Man With A Better Than Average IQ, And He Wants Everyone To Know It Brian Plays With His Prey In Unique And Sadistic WaysThe Chance Meeting Of The Two Spirals Norman Into A World Of His Primitiveness, The Baseness Of Man, What Can Only Be Described As The Urge Brian On A Book About The Urge When I Sat And Had Coffee With A Woman At Bob S Caf And Eatery, She Seemed Pleasant And Kind She Even Had A Trustworthy Face I Cannot Believe She Revealed My Deepest Darkest Secrets Be Careful When You Talk With A Strange, Be Careful When You Give Them Your Confessions, You Never Know Who They Are A Book About Norman, And Our Time Together A Book About The Urge, And How We Are Together We Are Bonded In The Secrets Of Our Past And Present I Told Her So Much, So Many ThingsThe Urge

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Urge book, this is one of the most wanted Andrea Allen author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 219 pages
  • The Urge
  • Andrea Allen
  • English
  • 13 September 2018

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    Murderers Who Heed the Call of the Wild This is a very unique, subtle thriller which one may compare a killer s instinct to that of a contagious disease or implanting the killer instinct into another, unsuspecting person Hollywood at sundown, with the usual hustle and bustle, Norman Putnam sits in Bob s Cafe glancing out the window He s an unremarkable man who people barely notice Even waitresses seem to overlook him Babies can always get unsolicited attention, but never Norman Without seeing the blond man approach his table to sit, Norman is taken aback when the man introduces himself as Brian Norman relaxes a bit after they start chatting, but before long Brian asks a very potent question What s your take on life Then, What is death Brian seriously states his occupation, I m a killer It is his primal urge he is Brian Blackdeath Brian befriends Norman, tutoring him in the urge which eventually gives Norman confidence and less kowtowing to fellow workers The urge within Norman must be cultivated and Brian continues to help the urge expand within Norman Soon, Norman is getting hungry for the thrill of the kill, but will he be able to actually put people to rest This is a very unusual tale, very creepy as narrated mostly by Brian Blackdeath This story has very dark overtones, but is very compelling and intriguing.

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    Different.The story was a little slow, but, interesting Sometimes, it was hard to distinguish who was talking, but eventually, it became clear.

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    This novel examines evil from the perspective of a serial killer, a very unusual serial killer Brian Blackdeath does not view his compelling urge as murder He is putting his victims to rest, releasing them from their unhappiness Brian meets Norman who is an unhappy person, a wilting flower Brian manipulates Norman into becoming his protege But does Brian have something cruel and sinister in mind This is a very original story developed as a psychological examination of one kind of evil It is a detailed account mostly told through the eyes of a killer who pretends he is doing good not evil Once read, the reader will better understand human nature and weakness In Norman s defense if there is one aren t we all capable of evil to some degree At first, the organization of the writing, especially paragraphing, was somewhat disconcerting, but that is a minor distraction Because this story skillfully develops the characters of Brian and Norman, it is especially interesting Andrea Allen has a talent for understanding people and conveying that knowledge to her readers This is a novel you will want to read I liked it, and I bet you will too Reviewed by the author of The Children s Story, A Novel Not for Children about good and evil.

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    Relatively short, but okay read Goos ending.

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