I Can See Right Through You

I Can See Right Through You , By Kelly Link, Is An Off Kilter Ghost Story Or Not About An Estranged Couple Who Have Remained Friends Long After They Were Originally Paired In A Vampire Movie That Made Them Famous Now The Demon Lover Searches Out His Former Lover In Florida While She Is In The Middle Of Filming A Tv Episode About Ghost HuntingI Can See Right Through You

Kelly Link is an American author best known for her short stories, which span a wide variety of genres most notably magic realism, fantasy and horror She is a graduate of Columbia University.Her stories have been collected in four books Stranger Things Happen, Magic for Beginners, Pretty Monsters, and most recently, Get in Trouble.She has won several awards for her short stories, including th

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  • ebook
  • 32 pages
  • I Can See Right Through You
  • Kelly Link
  • English
  • 01 April 2018
  • 9781466866690

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    While reading this story, an image came into my mind that of holding a carefully carved but strangely shaped object in my hands Blindfolded, the reader gently explores the odd and spiky contours of this object, carefully hefting its weight, unsure of its exact measurementsLink s stories are like that precisely crafted but unidentified object.Here, she spins us a tale of the fraught relationship between two celebrities I m usually not one for feeling too much sympathy for the tribulations of the rich and famous, but this piece worked very well And, the grand finale at the haunted nudist resort was the perfect mix of weird and hilarious.

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    Really good even if it s not Link at her best which is stratosperically good I will start by saying that I have not read or seen anything of the Twilight saga, and I m happy to remain this way So it s quite ironic to be reading a story that I imagine could be about Kirsten Stuart and Cullen in their forties unless I m missing something.Having said that, I recently watched The clouds of Sils Maria with Juliette Binoche and Kirsten Stuart, and was quite amazed at Stuart s performance and the type of role she has in the movie, as I had always had her for a terrible actress from hearsay , so maybe there are hidden depths in her, as there are in the characters in I can see right through you.Having said that, if anyone wants to watch The Clouds I would recommend that you imagine that all 5 minutes of Chlo Grace Moretz appearances do not in fact exist Not only is she terrible, she threatens to ruin an otherwise good movie.As for I can see right through you , I ll certainly reread it.

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    Part of my attempt to read short fiction nominees for the World Fantasy Awards this year.At 10,300 words or so, this tale should have squeaked over the edge into their Novella category instead of as a Short Story, but not my decision to make.Well into the story, I m still waiting for there to be a speculative element One character, mostly off screen, hosts a ghost hunting television show doesn t qualify Eventually, very close to the end, the POV, a famous actor whose name we know but is only ever referred to outside of dialogue the name of a part he played a quarter century ago, tells a ghost story Except it isn t really a ghost story, and when his friend disappears at the end of this story with someone who never really existed, the whole novelette is revealed as the set up for an over told campfire ghost story.The writing is good, but this isn t a fantasy tale in my eyes, or even mild horror, and the eye rolling at the end hurt.

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    Read in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015A couple who made it big co starring in a romantic vampire movie years ago cope with a less famous and fantasized present reality The main character who is referenced as The Demon Lover is careening down the celebrity food chain and he hopes reuniting with Meggie, his once co star, will remedy his situation While the story is well written and easy to read I was pushed away by the un likability of both the main characters They are celebrities with every selfish and arrogant trait you would imagine them to have Once I reached the end of the story I didn t really care what happend to them so I wasn t too let down by the lack luster payoff, which may have left a worse taste in my mouth if I had been charmed by the characters.

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