Return of the Emperor (The Vishnu Trilogy #1)

The Greatest Of All Demons, RAVANA Or Ravan As He Is Known In The Hindu Mythology Was Not Dead The Day He Died At The Hands Of Rama, The Ayodhya King The Truth Persists In The Present World That Ravan Is Alive Not Mortally But In The Form Of His Soul, In The Form Of His Flying ChariotA Dangerous Boon Flowed Through The Mouth Of Shiva And Brahma That Torment The Soul Of RAVANA To Died Blessed With An Immortal Soul, Ravana Began A Life To Rule The World And Kill His Greatest Enemybut The Much Needed Person To Fulfill This Wish Of His Was His EnemyRamawhere Is He Is He Alive Till Now Just As The Way Ravan Himself Is Aliveor Is He Born Again In The Disguise Of A Mortal Being The Indian Institute Of Symbiology And Other Sciences Engaged Three Students, Siddharth, Nakushi And Rajiv To Investigate The Much Hyped As Well As The Most Suppressed Case In The History Of The Hindu MythologyEnroute Their Journey Together, They Met An Ex Student Of The University In The Course Of Their Journey And Thereafter The Mission Changes Its Dimension, They Come To Know That The Myth About Ravana Is True, And Similar To The Fact That Rama Too Is Born Somewhere In The Subcontinent To Bring An End To The Havoc And Tyranny Of Ravana And It S Up To Them To Unveil Rama In The Present World To Kill Ravana The Journey, Beginning From The Foothills Of The Himalayas Proceeds To Central India, The Jungles Of Assam And To The Deserts Of RajasthanThis Is The First Book In The Vishnu Trilogy, A Rakshas Whose Deeds Haunted The Devas And The Man Alike And The Story Of An Unsung Hero Who Takes Birth Every Time To Save The MankindReturn of the Emperor (The Vishnu Trilogy #1)

Suddhabrata Deb Roy was born and raised in Silchar, ASSAM He is a passionate fan of Sherlock Holmes and is in the habit of imitating the great detective, though he fails at it every time An atheist, he likes to remain absorbed in books as he finds very little outside the world of books that interests him He is currently pursuing his B.E course in the discipline of Electrical Engineering from Jo

[ Ebook ] ➨ Return of the Emperor (The Vishnu Trilogy #1)  Author Suddhabrata Deb Roy –
  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • Return of the Emperor (The Vishnu Trilogy #1)
  • Suddhabrata Deb Roy
  • English
  • 15 September 2018
  • 9789350880708

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