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Can A Mermaid Find Love And Happiness Working In The Big City What Will Her Parents Say If She Chooses A Human For A Mate Penelope Tench Works In The City As The Comptroller For A Publishing House She S Not Happy Living And Working Amongst Humans But She Has No Choice As Her Home On Colony Island, FL Holds Nothing For HerThis Is The First Book In The Colony Island Series By Howard Parsons, Author Of The Short Story, Dear Mom,Urban Mermaid

Howard Parsons was born in Petersburg, VA during the final days of King George VI s reign He grew up and attended school in nearby Hopewell, VA The eldest son of Lucile and Howard T Parsons Sr., he attended North Carolina College in Rocky Mount, NC and graduated in 1974 with a BS degree in Biology Although his interests lay in both Virology and Marine Biology, the need to earn a living led him

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  • Paperback
  • 457 pages
  • Urban Mermaid
  • Howard Parsons
  • English
  • 24 November 2017
  • 9781938281723

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    MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListI thought this book about mermaids was so cool Penelope can t seem to find a mate So, she decides to just leave Colony Island where her parents and other mermaids and mermen are and live with humans She lives close to the sea so she can still go for her swims On of of these swims she hiding in a little secret area, or so she thinks, until the guy comes along the boardwalk Even though it s forbidden for the merpeople to show themselves to humans, Penelope decides to have some fun with this guy She shows her self and talks to him, he is astonished of course After her little escapade she goes home and thinks nothing of it Well. lo and behold when she starts her new job at Harriman, guess who works there too yep. Peter Peter talks to Penelope and promises he will never tell anyone her secret He also tells her he would like to help her out They set it up to where he takes her out of town on the weekends and takes her to different places where she can get in and out of the water safely There is a lot of detail that goes into all of this and I think it s very sweet all of the things he does for her They do this for several months and then slowly start to fall in love Penelope decides to take Peter home to meet her parents in Colony Island She tells them that he is her mate and she doesn t care that he is a human They also tell them another thing they want to do and it s so sweet, although it takes some time to do I don t want to say any or I will give out too many spoilers There is a lot that goes on in this book, but I wasn t bored at all because everything is just so cool But that is my opinion There are some funny things in the book as well EXCERPT A large wave washed up on shore and swept its foam around them As the water receded, Peter grumbled, Great Now I have wet sand in the crack of my ass Dude, that s the beauty of being a merman You don t have an ass crack I would like to thank Smith Publicity and the author, Howard Parsons for a print copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    I knew that Howard Parson s was sort of a Mermaid expert going into this Okay so there s no doctorate one can obtain to officially qualify for such a title but if there was, this author would have the certificate, the trophy, the PHD, the Monopoly board game mermaid edition and some sort of Nobel prize Howard knows these creatures so well that I d bet good money that if there is one in existence she s on his Facebook and he s on her in case of emergency contact list.What I didn t know, was what to expect of Howard s own Mermaid writing I imagined all sorts of scenarios which in the end, ended up resembling some sort of mash up of the best parts of every mermaid book I d ever read I know if I d read and reviewed every single mermaid book there was, I wouldn t have a chance in hell of coming up with something original BUT this is where Howard rides the glory wave into the shore.Urban mermaid is unlike any other Mermaid book I ve ever read His books aren t even half cousins to any of them There s no off the wall names, there s no royalty, there s no sparkles, there s no slack jawed human and there s almost barely any references to the colours green, blue, azure yeah you get the point huh We Mermaid writers can be a teensy bit predictable What there is is warmth Urban Mermaid crosses genres than any Mer book I ve ever read and what is so cool about it, is that paranormal Romance and Fantasy don t even get a look in It s a satire, a romantic comedy, a coming of age, a blue collar romance and in the end just a beautiful story about ordinary people meeting, falling in love and trying to overcome obstacles together when one of those people just happens to have a tail sometimes The characters are not too perfect to be true they re the average Mr and Miss and I am so grateful for that Howard doesn t need tsunami s and royal weddings and octopus people and seahorses named glimmer to make you fall in love with Penelope his characters are realistic, flawed, lovely and practically peel themselves off the page and wiggle into the sea with their believability I have an intense crush on the male protagonist Peter, who is so joe ordinary but just so damned lovely and patient and even tempered that I can t wait for other people to get to know him too He reminds me a lot of my favourite protagonist, Koontz s Odd Thomas a little quirky, a little self effacing, and very funny Pulling off a hero in this day and age who isn t loaded or fabulously wealthy or kinked than a home perm is a hard task but Mr Parson s does exactly this and with a lovely, graceful writing style that only the most refined writer s can cultivate.I honestly believe that, as much as I think Howard expected to win over Mermaid reader s hearts with this he s going to end up converting a lot of people who wouldn t think twice about reading an ocean themed fantasy into disciples instead Men especially are going to warm to this, as will anyone who s a big fan of Nicholas Sparks or Nicholas Evans oh yeah Mermaid readers pre order while you have the chance but this is a line that I believe that every single romance reader will come to stand in, in time and will turn the final page with a happy smile.Hats off to you, Howard Parson s for taking one of the most difficult subjects to sell and making it so damn accessible for all.

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    4.5 starsUrban Mermaid is a light and easy read with a fun, new take on mermaids This story refreshed my love of mermaids Although Parsons mermaid s spend the majority of their time on two legs, the thrall of the mermaid is not lost, in fact the mythology is unique and sets them apart from the rest It was refreshing to read a mermaid tale that doesn t focus solely on the superficial perfection of the siren that we have come to know and often tire of Urban Mermaid tells the story of a young couple who despite a rocky beginning fall blissfully in love The problem Penelope is from the small coastal town of Colony Island where almost the entire population sport a tale Including Penelope In order for Peter to fore fill all the dreams of his love he must make certain sacrifices but such a sacrifice opens up a whole new exciting world for Peter The book has some hilarious scenes namely when Peter and Penelope venture to Colony Island for the customary meet the parents Peter struggles with the rather strange traditions of the Mer folk and I couldn t help but laugh out loud at the awkwardness poor Peter endures Another plus, although I believe this is the first in a series, this story wraps up nicely No dreaded cliffy So, if you re afraid to commit to an entire series rest assured you can enjoy this one as a stand alone I have no idea what Parsons has up his sleeve for the next book but I will definitely be picking it up to find out Personally, I would love to see Carl find a mate All in all this was a fun story that centres around what I can only describe as the cutest love story I have read in a long time So, why the half star deduction It s no biggy but in order to really connect with characters I need to see them as real people or mermaids in this case and in my opinion mermaids and especially real people have their faults and from what I could see neither Peter or Penelope nor the entire town of Colony Island showed any character flaws The sweetness of the Mer community especially the from the parentals with the whole Mom thing was a little overwhelming at times I loved Penelope s spunk in the beginning Although it was directed unnecessarily at Peter, I just wish she could have held only a little of that spark.

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    I was given an ARC copy of Urban Mermaid in exchange for a fair honest review Now that being said, in hindsight I would have purchased this book regardless It is a genre that I particularly love the story was presented in a fresh and bold new way, while still managing to incorporate some traditional mythology This was an enjoyable read and I found myself delving deeper deeper into the story feeling emotionally invested rather quickly Howard portrays a colorful picture of figures places you can tangibly feel It is as if you are really experiencing this story with every page you turn.The protagonist Penelope is a smart, witty adventurous young lady I really appreciate the fact that she was written in a way in which myself, as a reader, could identify with her She was not portrayed as the whimsical fantasy creature, as is often the case in mermaid mythology More so as the imperfect young lady trying to find her place in either world, not overly polished or entitled I also found it refreshing that she is faced with adult themed problems scenarios It is a love story between Penelope Peter first foremost, but that doesn t mean that love comes easy They face everyday problems that are timeless Family, work, stations, stigmas, etc This is definitely not the childhood bedtime story many of us remember when we think of mermaid It is much sexier, edgier faster paced Smartly written with the added benefit of breaking away from many of the cliches that are common with this theme of story, while still maintaining the core folklore most mer fans are hoping to see My only real complaint was the ending That isn t to say it wasn t well executed, just that I would have selfishly liked to have had a tidbit That is, after all, the mark of a good series Lucky for me the rest of this books future fans, the adventure continues in book 2 In short, if you are looking for the typical, run of the mill mer myth this is not the book for you However, if you are craving an entirely new mermaid experience, by All Means read THIS book A highly enjoyable, fun, thoughtful read I am definitely looking forward to the next installment and was honored to have had the privledge to read it before it was available to the public.

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    The book had its problems inconsistent facts, HORRIBLE formatting short lines, hard returns, double spacing fix it Parsons , characters that acted like teenagers in heat, VERY repetitious and slow pacing with almost no action, paranoid characters that would make up super bad situations out of nowhere in their minds and then have the other person apologize for it, should of removed about 150 pages, etc The portion about mer people lore, customs and history was interesting The love story was OK except every page was I love you, no I love you , let s mate.

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    This book had several points that showed it had potential and yet it was just boring, and at times actually made me angry There was too much of Parson s telling me what happened, instead of showing me You rarely got full conversations, usually someone might say something and then the rest is summarized You don t really get any description of the places or the people, and you don t get to share in the experiences because everything is just kind of told to you in an overall summary of their day It made it hard to really connect with the characters or care about what happens to them Even worse they really didn t have individual personalities It was just all mermaids keep stuff till it falls apart, and all mermaids are ignorant of human ways, and yet all put them all a high pedestal to the point a mermaid will stick with a human even if they re abusive Why There was nothing to set any of them apart which makes them all forgettable And it makes no sense, considering how much they do interact with humans, for them to seem so naive of their customs Plus why would they have to learn about fishing and boating things if the original mermaids were sailors or sailor s wives Too much just didn t make any sort of rational sense.Plus that whole preposterous thing with Peter, where basically any chick he s touched has apparently decided to then date trashy guys, or go from being a virgin to letting guys run a train on her, WTF Not to say it couldn t happen, but the whole set up just didn t line up And neither did why Peter would suddenly gives up his whole warding off girls just to try and protect Penelope, who is completely mean to him for no real reason Then his whole, I don t know why I feel all funny inside when she blushes, surely I must need to go to a doctor junk really made me wonder if this is an actual adult book This guy must be a reincarnation of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, because well those things are called emotions Most adults know about them Really the whole romantic side of this felt extremely juvenile and cheesy Even their love scene ended up being creepy, I mean I don t care what culture from, your parents purposefully listening in isn t right This isn t the middle ages any Honestly, this read like maybe Parsons doesn t know girls that well, and probably shouldn t be writing a book about one trying to find love.

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    This is not your daughter s mermaid novel.URBAN MERMAID is an old fashioned novel with an omniscient, head hopping narrator but with modern day twists and adult situations Author Howard Parsons lays out his mermaid world with loving detail, explaining the real world of merfolk that coexist with American coastal communities, from their mythical origins story to the real world challenges facing them today Yes, this is fantasy, but the author lays out the complex societal web with precision and earnest attention to detail, making it a totally absorbing and fun read Penelope Anne Tench starts the book as a mermaid mired in deep depression Navigating between her obligations in the human world and her undersea life has become too much to handle, and in the beginning she contemplates ending it all by going west and allowing dehydration to end her life Until she meets Peter MacPherson, a human who makes her heart sing and sparks fly Well, at first she doesn t understand the emotions she s feeling and the fact that she s feeling them about a human makes her grumpy, but with time and patience Peter starts to win her over Peter hasn t had the best of luck with long term relationships before this, and at every turn expects the worst, hopes for the best, and plans for both.This is not your average paranormal or fantasy novel, reading like a contemporary romance with a side of mermaid tails The problems facing our urban mermaid are of the everyday and urbane sort, and both her insecurities and Peter s are the same ones that face us all The author gives readers a fresh interpretation of mermaid culture as not so different from the rest of coastal America, dealing with the unique aspects in a totally matter of fact way.A fresh, interesting mermaid story that kept me reading and rooting for that happily ever after I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review 4.5 stars

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    Urban Mermaid was a fun, easy book to read It is a love story of two people, one just happens to be a mermaid living in the human world Howard has successfully blended the new and the old, mythology and reality, together in one story A couple meeting, living, and loving in modern day society yet it is full of Mer folklore tales and I must say, I think patience of Peter is as much a fantasy as a present day mermaid Although it is a romantic comedy, the story does touch on the serious side of family dynamics, social stigmatisms, and the self awareness of adulthood No person is perfect, free of flaws, and that is reflected in all of the characters, which makes it that much believable.The entire book was artfully written I could smell the beach, feel the water, see the shops in Colony Island, and hear the sound of high heels walking across pavement, yet never wandered from the main story line of Penelope Peter An entire new little world was created Howard was able to accomplish this while using simple words and non cluttered thoughts I have not read any other Mer stories, nor am I a fan of romance novels, but I was pleasantly surprised and drawn in Congratulations to Howard Parsons for creating such elegance.I would like to note that I had the honor and privilege of receiving an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review Thank you Howard for sharing your world with me

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    Please Note I received an ARC of Urban Mermaid in exchange for a fair and honest review Urban Mermaid was a treat to read From the very beginning page to the last lingering sentence, I loved every moment of it If this is just the start of something greater for it is, being the first installment in the Tails from Colony Island series I personally can t wait to read the rest The novel focuses on the main character, a mermaid by the name of Penelope Tench She has yearned for a mate since she was young as shown in the first chapter, a call back to when she was eleven and complaining to her mother about not finding anyone interesting enough to be her one and only Sadly for Penelope, she finds herself unable to like or be liked by anyone on the island or mainland until a human male named Peter MacPherson arrives Packed full of merfolk lore, Urban Mermaid is a must read for mermaid fans out there I won t spoil much, but let me just say when I finished reading it, I wanted to go swimming and find a mer mate of my own.

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    I was given a copy of Urban Mermaid in exchange for a fair and honest review.Penelope Tench is very much like a human young girl She has always dreamt of finding the right young man to spend her life with Her problem is that being a mermaid, her choices are very limited Growing up in a small seaside town that is inhabited almost exclusively by other mer folk,she has yet to find her mate.Penelope leaves the island after getting her degree in finance.Moving to the city means only being able to swim on weekends, which is fine with Penelope because after leaving home she has lost almost all interest in swimming One day while relaxing in the water under a pier, she does something that shocks even her.Urban Mermaid surpassed all my expectations It is a wonderfully warm and tender love story encompassing both family love and romantic beginnings I loved it.I would recommend this book to any reader that enjoys romance with a little excitement thrown in.I would like to thank Mr Parsons for giving me the opportunity to read such a beautiful book.

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