Silver Valley, Vol 1

Volume One Of The Silver Valley Series A Decade Of Storms, Droughts And Wildfires Have Ruined The Nation S Infrastructure And Left Most Of The Country Dry And Shattered The End Of Oil Has Stopped Food Distribution, And America Has Returned To A Horrifying State Of Nature, Where The Strong Prey On The Weak.The New West Is Every Bit As Wild And Lawless As The Old West, And Anna Lansing Rides Through, Looking For A New Place To Call Home She Finds A Tranquil Valley With A Peaceful Cottage And Hope For A Quiet Life And The Possibility Of Love.But A Ruthless Gang Of Thugs Call The Same Area Home, And No Matter What Anna Might Want, There Will Be No Peace In The ValleyThis Is The New West This Is Anna S Story.Silver Valley, Vol 1

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

[PDF] ✩ Silver Valley, Vol 1  ❤ Noah  Porter –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 43 pages
  • Silver Valley, Vol 1
  • Noah Porter
  • English
  • 10 February 2017

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    Silver Valley Volume One Author Noah Porter Date 2013Pgs 40REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSSummary The fire took the sky Darkness as electric light died And man fought over the remaining fuel and food The world settled into an Old West ish apocalypse where people barely scrape by And the veneer of civilization disappears Anna rides northwest She believes that the rains up there may be holding the drought at bay Here the drought is a worldbreaker Hardscrabble life in a hard pan Before she finds Sophie, a flower in the dust And on the verge of settling down, darkness fallsagainin the form of men.Genre ApocalypseFictionScience fictionSurvivalistWesternWhy this book What s it about What caught my eye ______________________________________________________________________________The Feel Anna feeling safer on the road is definitely one way of looking at this world Another may be that if you don t settle down, you don t have to deal with your feelings about the world that died around you.The firestorms in the skies, California burned to a crisp, and massive, destructive tornados No power gird No communications No media The hope that there was still some p...

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    What could have been a relatively well imagined apocalypse neo Western was let down by bad writing, poor editing and terrible storyline choices.A young woman, rather clich yank, is travelling solo in a dangerous post apocalypse world, surrounded by other clich yanks, namely idiots without a cause and people who just wanna surprise Post apocalypse as a word confuses me greatly...

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