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Prepper S Pantry A Survival Food Guide Is An Excellent Resource And Foundational Guide That Covers Many Topics Of Food Preparation Especially Helpful For The Seeker And The New To Prepping, There Are Also Many Great Ideas For Even The Seasoned PrepperThe Reasons Why You Prep Really Don T Matter What Matters Is How Long You Re Prepping For, And The Means You Go About Doing It This Guide Will Show You How To Determine Your Food Needs, No Matter How Long You Will Be Prepping For, And Will Discuss Various Methods Of Obtaining And Storing Food StockpilesDo You Worry What Would Happen To Your Family In An Emergency With The Prepper S Pantry, You Ll Learn The Following Discover How Much Is Enough When Prepping For Survival Or Less Than You Think Learn Which Foods Store Well, Which You Should Avoid And Why You Shouldn T Follow Someone Else S Disaster Preparedness Plan Consider Commercial Versus Home Prepared Food Storage Techniques And Devise Your Own Best Strategy Get To Grips With The What, Where When And How Of Food Storage Basics And Self Sufficiency Understand Food And Water Safety And How To Cook With Stored FoodsYou Ll Learn All Of This, And So Much , With Prepper S Pantry A Survival Food GuidePreppers Pantry

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Preppers Pantry book, this is one of the most wanted Robert Paine author readers around the world.

[ PDF / Epub ] ☉ Preppers Pantry  Author Robert Paine –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 50 pages
  • Preppers Pantry
  • Robert Paine
  • English
  • 22 September 2018

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    This book s information goes beyond that of prepping for any kind of disaster although that is its intent This is information that can be used any time, for example I could have used this information two years ago when I had my garden and had so many tomatoes that I was giving grocery bags of them away to strangers because we just couldn t eat them fast enough Then when the winter hit, guess what I did Yes, I went to the grocery store and had to buy tomatoes Why I haven t a clue what to do with them to keep them I never canned anything in my life and don t even know where to start After reading this book, I do now No, the book don t give you how to can tomatoes instructions but what it does give is good information on the different containers for different foods and the pros and cons of each including canning It also does give the cost of the machines involved in preserving food so you have some ideal of price involved The price for the basic dehydrator is said to be about 50 in the book and that is around what I paid The vacuum system is said to be up to 200, I also have one and it was on sale for 160 So I am assuming the rest of the prices in the book are pretty accurate depending on model, make, or features Also mentioned is the difference methods of doing the same thing A water bath canner is mentioned and it says it can run between 40 60 while the pressure canner can run between 100 200 I didn t even know there were different canners so that is why I said at least now I know where to start And even if the prices have gone up from the book s price listed, I know the water bath canner is cheaper than a pressure canner and I can now research each to see which one will meet my family s needs.After reading about preserving food there is a whole section on how to obtain the food and save money on your grocery bills I just finished reading a whole book on saving money on your grocery bill and this book which isn t even totally on this subject has useful information in it than the one totally on the subject There are methods to save time and money which I can use now for my family even if I don t plan on stockpiling food for any kind of disaster I can take advantage of a sale on cherries and buy bulk and either freeze or can them, that way even in winter we can have some cherries instead of waiting for them to come into season or pay high prices for cherries shipped from somewhere else The author even put a list with common fruits, vegetables, meats, etc and the best method on how to cook, preserve them and even when they go on sale e.g beef roast or brisket goes on sale around end of May while a pork roast is usually going on sale the beginning of May.Since there is a lot of information that is in this book that I think would help save every family money on their grocery bills I know, the meats are a problem since not all of us have extra freezers but not everything has to be frozen no matter if you re stockpiling for a disaster or not, I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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    Very well written, great guidanceWhile I don t consider myself a prepper, per se, I do make a point of learning various DIY skills common to the prepper set This is not out of fear or paranoia, but rather enjoyment I like building things, making things, and then sharing the results of my efforts This book offers some sound strategies and guidelines for stockpiling food in prepper scenarios It is also very well written a refreshing change for a free Kindle offering.

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    Very short Some useful tips, but most of it is pretty obvious info If you are interested in setting aside some food and water in case of a hurricane Sandy or Katrina, and haven t a clue where to start, this could be helpful.

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    Interesting read, but failed to give dates of when produce would spoil I feel like that would have made a effective manual.

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