Zombie Story With Plenty To Sink Your Teeth Into Romance, Supernatural Monsters And A Good Dose Of Blood And Gore.Blue Is Set In A Post Apocalyptic World, Where Humans Live In Colonies High Above The Ground And Have Forgotten A Lot Of What Pre Zombie Life Was Like, For Instance There Are No Cell Phones Or Internet Etc.Told Through A Small Collection Of Voices Whose Stories Unfold And Then Tie In Together, This Is A Fresh And Modern Read Which Races Along And Keeps The Reader Enthralled Right To The End.The Main Character, Blue Is A Half Zombie, Half Human The Blue Is An Interesting State Of Being Somewhere Between Normal And A Walking Corpse The Blue Is Mostly Immortal, Yet Desperately Alone.The Author S Sense Of Humour Is Obvious Throughout And Her Love Of Science And General Nerdy Fascinations Have Given The Rules And Biology That Govern The Existence Of The Zombies In Blue A Touch Of Almost Reality.Blue

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blue book, this is one of the most wanted Brandy Wehinger author readers around the world.

!!> EPUB ❃ Blue  ✾ Author Brandy Wehinger –
  • Paperback
  • 323 pages
  • Blue
  • Brandy Wehinger
  • 18 November 2017
  • 9781775534921

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    So, the zombie genre feels somewhat overdone how many tales can you write about shuffling undead that infect with a bite Well, this is the debut novel of New Zealand author, Brandy Wehinger, and it is about as light and funny as zombie novels can get Told through the eyes of a wide cast of characters, we jump from narrator to narrator in a manner that is slightly disorientating, but made less so by the paragraph headers I do wonder if perhaps it would have flowed somewhat smoother with less narrators, because sometimes it took a while to get your head around who was talking , but for the most part they added their own point of view to the story, and all tie together into a cohesive whole.The cover, designed and illustrated by indie artist, Tanya Jade aka Misery is sweet and whimsical, giving this book an undeniable charm.It...

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    Reposted from Zombie romance, y all it s totally a thing I know, this latest paranormal sub genre trend can be hard to stomach At least vampires have that pale, aloof sexiness, and werewolves have the whole alpha male appeal But zombies Casting rotting corpses as romantic leads starts to get uncomfortably close to necrophilia.The latest attempt to rehabilitate zombies comes from Auckland based first time novelist Brandy Wehinger Blue, a rather sweet and gentle story for tween age zombie beginners The cover is absolutely cracking and very pick up able, featuring an eye catching image from artist Misery that sets the horror lite tone perfectly.Wehinger aims to side step the necro horror and keep her book kiddie friendly by creating an intermediate species between humans and zombies blues Sort of undead but sort of still human, blues retain the consciousness and self control of humans, while also acquiring the stamina and unstoppableness of zombies Wehinger encourages us to think closely about how this might work by devoting several chapters to a medical analysis of how the zombie condition is physiologically expressed.It s an intriguing concept worth a closer look If your body is transformed into something entirely other, yet you still retain ...

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    Blue is one of the most fun books I ve read in a long while If you know your Romero zombies from your pandemic zombies, then this is the book for you Set many years past the Zombie Apocalypse, Blue jumps between the perspectives of a number of characters on the spectrum to show a complete sci fi world, and knowingly winks at the stereotypes and clich s of the horror genre through a fresh take, blues solitary zombies who retains the mind o...

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    This book kept me interested and had a quick pace I usually prefer comics and sometimes can t get through an entire book But Blue has all sorts of different characters and plenty of action which kept my attention I loved the Gunslingers, refe...

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    I rate it 5 stars It was full of surprises and unexpected turns that give it a great potential and I am expecting from this achieving novel And I speak for a lot of people We Want More of recently turned Liliox and the gang in their fight to save t...

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    Admittedly, my first zombie book, but I quite liked it The plot was fast paced yet kept me guessing, and the characters were both well developed and quite relateable Without giving anything away, the ending makes me ...

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    This book only got good in the last 2 chapters i found it a difficult read it had too many different characters point of views Bit boring took me 4 weeks to read it and im not a slow reader it just didnt capture my attention

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    Actual rating 3.5 5

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    I thought the book was awesome so great Fully got into it then it ended and I threw it across the room I wanted closure any subtle ending was wasted on me.

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