It's a Madhouse Out There

Book Three In Jazan Wild S Funhouse Of Horrors Series.The Funhouse Of Horrors Is Open For Business Once Again The Third Book In This Collection Of Stories, Begins Another Ghostly Tale Of The Living Impaired Through The Eyes Of The Lead Character, Horror Writer Jacob Jake Stone Where There S A Haunted House, There S Someone S Story.This Time, Jake Stone, The Ultimate Ghost Seeker And Everyone S Favorite Black Hearse Driver, Is Headed To York, Pennsylvania, To Investigate The Seven Gates Of Hell A Place The Locals Know Very Well Finally, All Those Urban Myths Will Be Laid Bare Now We Ll Find Out Just How They Died So, Prepare Yourselves And Put Your Therapist On Speed Dial It S A Madhouse Funhouse Of Horrors And Carnival Comics Are Registered Trademarks.It's a Madhouse Out There

Jazan Wild is a bestselling author and musician whose Carnival of Souls, Dandy and Funhouse Of Horrors series are international hits that have been downloaded millions of times around the globe, even gracing Entertainment Weekly s Must List

[Epub] ↠ It's a Madhouse Out There Author Jazan Wild –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 32 pages
  • It's a Madhouse Out There
  • Jazan Wild
  • English
  • 28 July 2019

10 thoughts on “It's a Madhouse Out There

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    In this volume Jacob finds his way to an old asylum where patients arrived but never left with a little help from the asylum staff, who are not quite what they seem As ever Jacob tells the stories of the patients and brings them peace the only way he can, with graphic and satisfying results.

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    Awesome story Story built around a novelist who investigate about the ghosts try to gave peace for their souls Nice story.

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    In the third book in the series, Jake Stone is visiting a town where there was an Asylum back during the civil war Something terrible happened at the Asylum and the area has been haunted ever since Jake Stone is there to set things right.I liked the story and found it interesting I had an inkling of what was going on but didn t quite guess it right, although I should have after thinki...

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    Much better than the first two The plot was great and everything tied together well.until the end The main story ends and then it jumps to a completely different location with new characters and then ends three pages later Would ve been four stars if not for the awkward plot jump.

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    This book caught my attention because I grew up near York, PA I ve heard the stories of the Seven Gates of Hell, though nothing so fantastic as this Loved the artwork and story so much that I had to investigate the other books I couldn t put my Nook down until I read all four in the series I ca...

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    FantasticWow I thought I would give this a try its free nothing to loose I wasn t expecting such a fantastic story and great art work but I got both I m reading the rest in the series and when I have to pay to keep reading I m sure it will be well worth it

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    Between the falling flakes of snow, one soul refused to leave you out in the coldNo es muy bueno pero sirve para pasar el tiempo si est s en una sala de espera y es lo nico que tenes a mano

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    This was honestly just really weird

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    If you haven t found this author yet look him up If you like good comics then do give this guy a tryWell worth picking this one up for sure.

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    For once, I think I did things the right way round I read the novel version of this series first The three books I have in Graphic Novel form were all covered in the novel version plus much Honestly, I found the novel version a bit of a slog at times BUT I absolutely loved this version of the first three stories parts.I could put faces to names and see what the main character was seeing when going through the story To read, in words, it doesn t come across as freaky or ghostly looking at it does when reading this version A picture is worth a thousand words springs to mind with this Clearly sometimes that isn t the case but it definitely works.I was slightly less keen on part two than I was on the others, but that section of the story wasn t as interesting as the other two to m...

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