Border Angels

The Border Between Northern Ireland And The Republic Is A Rugged Place Cold, Windswept, And Dark For The Girls Brought Here From Eastern Europe, It May As Well Be A War Zone Put To Work In A Farmhouse Brothel Near Dun, The Women Are Forced Into A Living Hell One Night, A Pimp Takes One Of Them For A Ride She Is Just Planning Her Escape When The Car Explodes The Next Morning, There Is Nothing Left But The Pimp S Charred Body And The Woman S Footprints In The Snow.As His Forensics Specialists Turn Their Attention To The Burned Corpse, Police Inspector Celcius Daly Obsesses Over The Footprints Where Exactly Did The Woman Come From, And Where Did She Go It Is The Sort Of Question Asked Only In The Borderlands Between North And South, Between Life And Death.Border Angels

Anthony Quinn b 1971 is an Irish author and journalist Born in Northern Ireland s County Tyrone, Quinn majored in English at Queen s University, Belfast After college, he worked a number of jobs social worker, organic gardener, yoga teacher before finding work as a journalist His first novel DISAPPEARED was published by Otto Penzler s Mysterious Press in 2012, and was shortlisted for a Stran

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  • 07 September 2019
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    Border Angels Stunning Border Angels by Anthony J Quinn is the stunning follow up to his first Inspector Celcius Daley thriller in the brilliant debut in Disappeared From what he began in Disappeared he has taken a shot gun to what he wrote blew it away and come back with something even better Disappeared was not just my crime thriller of the year but I was in the exalted company of The Mail and The Times Border Angels knocks his previous Inspector Daley Thriller into a cocked hat Inspector Celcius Daley is based in Armagh the county town for the border country that in the times of the troubles was often referred to as bandit country where the snipers were always on duty Since the peace the Police Service of Northern Ireland in Armagh has had its fair share of economic troubles with people smuggling to add to the fuel and tobacco smuggling At the same time money is flowing in to various areas of the border through peace funding.Lena Novak a Croatian brothel worker has disappeared at the same time as Jack Fowler, a former IRA man, a developed under investigation dies in mysterious circumstances The former leaders of the IRA are worried that Fowler s death might shine a light on some of their current dealings While at the same time the leader of the East European Mafia, Mikolajek, is running round Armagh threatening ...

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    A mesmerising detective thriller filled with superb writing and interesting characters Much of the book is set on the Irish border, which Quinn brings vividly to life It s a dark, unsettling, hostile world, one which tries to destroy Lena Novak, a trafficked women who escapes her captors, and, to some extent, Celcius Daly, the police inspector given the task of tracking her down It s an atmosphere that oozes with tension, as though violence could break out at any moment And throughout the book, border countr...

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    Not a bad book Well plotted and reaonably well written, but Gods Above and Below, it was depressing Never been so pleased to finish a book in my life.

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    Now, this was a great little find for me and another of those books that would have been a total travesty to escape Raven s beady eye With my undoubted passion for Irish crime fiction, I will swiftly add Anthony Quinn to a must read list and a definite recommendation for fans of Brian McGilloway, Stuart Neville, Declan Hughes et al and, when time allows, I will certainly be seeking out Quinn s first in the Police Inspector Celcius Daly series, The Disappeared.The plot of Border Angels revolves around the trafficking of young Eastern European women to work in the sex trade around the border areas of Ireland, and as the nefarious goings on of one brothel is exposed by Daly and his team, one young woman is found to be involved in the suspicious death of a formerly successful Irish businessman Quinn balances perfectly not only the setting and location of the initial investigation, drawing on the borderlands violent past in the heyday of The Troubles and its wild beauty, but also the very contemporary financial difficulties experienced by Ireland in the shadow of the collapse of certain sections of the economy Add to this the burgeoning pressures and dangers of the less salubrious side of immigration prevalent in the country today, and the scene is set beautifully for not only an engrossing tale ...

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    At its heart this is a book about people, criminals, victims and police officers operating in the borderlands between captivity and freedom, hope and despair, enslavement and cruelty The wonderful descriptions make the reader pause and think She stared at her reflection, tethered in the blackness of the window like bait to the men who roamed border country After a while, it started to snow She watched the wind swathe her shadowy face with flakes The night air was resonant with fragments of noise the sound of a car skidding to a halt, followed by the urgent shouts of the police officer broken into garbled echoes by the roar of the fuel tank igniting She knew by intuition the hiding places in border country, and its traps the blown up bridges, the crumbling sheds and outbuildings occupied by gunmen, the lorries and cars driven by smugglers at breakne...

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    As a blogger I receive a small number of unsolicited books, some I ll read, some I won t I was very pleased however to open a parcel and see this book inside I only read Disappeared, the first book in the Inspector Celcius Daly series a few months ago and when I finished it I was left wanting I was unaware that Border Angels was first published over a year ago or I d have got my hands on it much sooner Having now finished Border Angels this series is now a must read for me I m very much late to the party, but I don t care as I am now a huge fan.Border Angels is a believable and complex tale A chilling and haunting opening really sets the scene for what s to come It is very much a mystery, and I started off trying to work it out alongside Daly and I found myself feeling incredibly relieved that I was reading the book in the comfort of my own, warm home and not out on the border finding my life in danger There s such a sense of realism with the book that at times it was quite frightening, it s a story that feels all too real, like something you would see on the news and think oh isn t that awful Well yes, it is awful and I found my...

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    What I liked most about this book was the sheer quality of the writing which is the author s real strength, apart from the interesting plot giving the reader an up to date view of post Troubles Northern Ireland Here are just a few examples taken at random She walked past them, back up to the ambulance, her body leaning to one side as though battling a shift in gravity The grim look on her face said it all The world had shed its skin and revealed its cruelty Even though his voice was quiet, he felt his words punch the cold air He looked away Branches of sloe berries hung their frozen heads along the hedgerows The call of a pigeon wobbled from somewhere deep within the frozen thorns and another darker recollection from the time before the bombed framework of a building, exposed like a doll s house, its ravaged contents spilling out onto the street, a dead body hanging in pieces He felt his life slip slightly out of its axis A folded parasol hung over the n...

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    I enjoyed reading Quinn s debut DISAPPEARED immensely after seeing that it was shortlisted for a Strand Literary Award and picked by Kirkus Reviews as one of the top ten thrillers of 2012 See link ANGELS does not disappoint, continuing in the same dark and brookding vein Quinn shows that Ireland s border country is the perfect setting for noir, with its gurgling bogs, disappearing lanes and run down farmhouses.It is also an interesting portrayal of a detective on the edge, afflicted by personal...

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    I picked up the first Celcius Daly book DISAPPEARED after it was nominated for a Strand Debut Novel Literary Award, and quickly realised why the book critics from the LA Times, the Washington Post, and the San Francisco Chronicle had nominated it for the award LINK ANGELS is not as deeply immersed in the Troubles as the first book, but still a riveting and dark read If you want a peek at the darker side of life along the Irish border this is your book Inspector Celcius Daly, although a troubled and lost man, is good company as he navigates his way through the overlapping lives of criminals, former paramilitaries,...

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    Not just a riveting detective novel, but an interesting portrait of post ceasefire Northern Ireland and the aftermath of the property crash Rather like the recent BBC drama THE FALL, the country s terrorist past forms a menacing backdrop to this police procedural tale of intern...

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