Earth Blend (Blend Trilogy #2)

Earth Blend Is The Second Book In The Blend Trilogy And The Sequel To Human Blend In This Installment, The Mysteries Of The Blends And Earthlings Are Revealed How Can Julie Live A Normal Life When She Is Anything But Normal Her Relationship With Austin Is Complicated By Emerging Abilities In Them Both Trust Is Hard To Come By As Lies And Secrets Hinder Them At Every Turn Is The Past Destined To Repeat Itself As The Earthlings Once Again Rush To Save Them Ensuing Chaos Breeds Fatal ConsequencesEarth Blend (Blend Trilogy #2)

I am a married Mom of two grown men, I am also a retired preschool teacher I have learned so much since the writing of Human Blend and hope to continue to grow and improve as a writer I am excited about finishing up The Blend Series trilogy and am very excited about the new book and it s characters I hope you enjoy the books I have written and continue to follow my journey Human Blend 2010

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    This fast paced second installment in the Blend series delves deeper into Julie s horrific past and helps us better understand her as a character Additionally, she and Austin both discover surprising new talents and learn that people whom they have trusted have fabricated lies and deceptions that are finally revealed.The author artfully develops the world building begun in Human Blend, and many questions that lingered from the first book are answered, even as new developments kept me reading and anticipating the twists rarely did I guess correctly, but that just made this installment all the satisfactory The events unfold in a straight forward manner with non flowery prose that seemed to fit this tale perfectly I felt a justifiable satisfaction at the ending, and I definitely look forward to the continuing saga in the next book This is a winning series that, in my opinion should appeal to a broad spectrum of readers An ARC copy of this book was provided to me for review by the author My opinions are my own, and I have received no other compensation.Laurie J

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    Earth Blend is the second novel in the Blend Trilogy written by self published author Lori Pescatore The novel begins with background history of the Earthlings, the Earth s children created by Mother Nature to protect the Earth from harm and destruction Soon later, how the Earthlings welcomed the Blends to Earth, allowing them to escape from their enemies seeking to take over the universe To survive extinction, they must blend with the human race to build back their numbers, and raise an army to claim back their home planet Readers are then given the full story of how Julie a.k.a Laney was kidnapped, her experiences with her abductors for all those years, and how she was able to escape The story picks up midway through, right from where the first novel, Human Blend, leaves off Julie is no longer feels threatened as the villain in Human Blend, Luke, was assumed dead after a helicopter crashed Eli is awaiting his punishment by Suron for going against their rules in order to protect Julie and Austin from being captured by Luke Austin is coping with the discovery that he is a Blend, and that his mother is not his birth mother Julie and Austin need each other now than ever, even if it pains Eli to watch Julie love another More secrets are unraveled throughout the Earth Blend Julie life will change from this moment on as her true purpose is revealed Earth Blend takes the Blend trilogy to a whole new level Just when you think the all the lies were exposed, others emerge, leaving you wanting The love triangle between Julie, Eli, and Austin slowly dissolves, revealing who Julie cares for most by the end of the novel Lori Pescatore s writing flows nicely from one novel to the next, making the series an enjoyable read.Lori Pescatore s character building in Earth Blend was truly remarkable Julie is a passionate and loyal character that puts others before herself, whether it is someone she cares for, or someone who is in need of help She will especially do everything she can to protect those she cares for, including placing herself in harms way Austin s world is falling apart, all he knew now confirmed were all just lies, and he needs time to find himself Eli plays detective, searching for answers to all the unanswered questions Percone became one of the primary characters in Earth Blend It was definitely interesting seeing his take on the whole experience and having his true Machiavellian nature exposed My favorite elements of Earth Blend are the background stories which were presented in the first half of the novel Readers will be able to grasp a full understanding of how the characters came to be I especially enjoyed the chapter that describes Julie s abduction which introduced her father and what he was like I also appreciate that some secondary characters in the Human Blend came forward and played important roles in Earth Blend New characters were also presented in Earth Blend which gave another added element of surprise.I can honestly say without a doubt that I enjoyed Earth Blend even than I enjoyed Human Blend The first novel was amazing, this one is even better I was kept in suspense throughout the entire novel, not knowing what Lori Pescatore would throw in next There are many surprises revealed in Earth blend, I can hardly wait to find one what happens in the final installment of the Blend Trilogy What really makes me love the series even is the amazing author behind the words I have had the privilege of exchanging e mails with Lori Pescatore She is such a kind hearted, sweet, and caring person Lori is full of life and in the little time I have gotten to know her, like Julie in the series, she always puts others before herself I believe that having a great author behind a great series makes the whole reading experience even that much special.If you have not yet read the series, you won t want to miss this Lori Pescatore is a wonderful author whose work I look forward to reading of I recommend Earth Blend to those who enjoy Young Adult Fiction, Romance, and the Paranormal with a little hint of Sci Fi 5 5 Must Read Highly Recommended

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    Earth Blend was a brilliant follow up to Human BlendJulie and Austin are still coming to terms with Austin s emerging powers and Julies near kidnapping They are trying to settle in to a life not only together but come into their own as individuals Austin is devastated to learn that his mother isn t his biological mother and Julie is forced to watch his grief without being able to help.Julie was once again a strong character, sometimes I would say she is too mature for her age, but that wouldn t be fair on her, also because in actuality she is a lot older than what she looks like 50 years older because of the slow ageing process so with that in mind at times she can almost be immature for her true age.Julie doesn t really follow through with things until they come to a head and that is the only real thing I don t like about her, she lets questions go unanswered for a while because she is constantly being distracted by Austin or work or friends, at times it made me want to shake her and tell her to focus but I love Julie in every way she is intelligent and kind hearted, she only ends up in bad situations because of bad people and not due to her own stupidity which is really refreshing.Austin is a character I just cannot like He is a complete whinger and so impulsive that I don t see how anyone could love him like Julie seems to I am shamelessly on team Eli when it comes to this love triangle Austin causes issues for everyone around him by running off and jumping in far too soon Instead of listening to his elders who have fought in battles and found missing people and who actually know about his powers he insists on throwing tantrums stomping his feet and insulting people before running away The way he treated his mother was absolutely appalling, she raised him, cared for him and loved him and he just threw it back in her face because she wasn t blood, it was absolutely despicable and it cemented my dislike for him in this novel.Earth Blend was written differently to any other story I have read before For the first half of the book we got the back stories of the various characters, flashes of their lives and important moments in their history that have helped lead them to where they are in the story today and the significance of each of them being there.At first I was wary of this style for two reasons no one I ve read has ever done it before, and there is a potential for massive information overload.I thought it was fantastic, it was like short stories in each characters life and it worked so much better than characters info dumping in the middle of an action scene I devoured the first half of the book in an hour and I was amazed at how detailed yet relevant each story was I finally knew each character and why they were the way they were, not just from Julie s perspective but from theirs as well, I got into their heads and it was amazing.I will admit that the dialogue was once again awkward, at first it detracted a little from the story but once I got into the rhythm of what was going on again and I was too engrossed in the story to care, it wasn t an issue The dialogue for me reads as though it was written on paper rather than coming from a characters mouth, like lines in a soapy with bad actors and too much Botox.I love Pescatore s general writing style though, it s to the point with enough detail and flowery prose but not too much that you start to get bored If a detail doesn t have to be there it s not and yet the way it s written, giving the reader that freedom, I had a perfect picture in my head of the characters and their surroundings with no one interfering in that picture with the vase on the table that doesn t really matter was over there Earth Blend was even better than Human Blend and if that s anything to go by, I want the rest of this series on my shelf as fast as Pescatore can write them.Find this review at

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    Earth Blend picks up where Human Blend leaves off Julie is getting comfortable living a normal life she has a boyfriend, is working as a volunteer in a hospital, and has built friendships Austin, Julie s boyfriend, is coping with learning that he too is a Human Blend and that the woman he always thought of as his mother is really his step mother Strange things start to happen to Austin, he is having weird reactions to anger and even seems to black out occasionally Julie and Austin, along with the core support group they have assembled, Eli an Earthling, Uncle Greg the leader of the Human Blends, and Marcus another Human Blend, work to figure out what is going on with Austin, each learning about their own powers More danger is ahead for Julie and Austin, old enemies resurface, and new ones appear to test everyone s skills and loyalties.Earth Blend tightens up the worlds of Human Blends and Earthlings that we learned of in Human Blend We are given a look into the beginnings of each species, and learn of how they came to be on earth and began interacting with each other We also learn of Julie s younger life and how she came to be in the clutches of Luke More characters that we got glimpses of in Human Blend join the cast of Earth Blend, helping to bring the story into a cohesive form Julie is a bit stronger in this story, she still struggles with self confidence but she is growing into her own and occasionally we get glimpses of the woman she can become Austin was a little less likeable to me in this book he had a number of pity parties for himself that just turned me off I enjoyed Marcus devil may care attitude and would really like to see of him Dr Eli is strong and as self confident as usual, he can be my neighbor and protector any time This is the second book in, what I m assuming, is going to be an ongoing series and while it can be read as a stand alone, it is probably a good idea to read Human Blend first Ms Pescatore does a good job of giving us the background of the different players in the story, but I might have felt comfortable had that been given in the first book We are warned in the beginning of the book that it contains sexual situations, mild violence language and is intended for mature young adults , I ll second that This did cause a little issue for me The book is written in a style that is definitely geared toward the young adult, yet the content mentioned above does skew it toward the mature reader I was a little confused by Julie We learn she is much older than we think way much older than we think yet she is attracted to 18 year old Austin, this had a little ick factor for me All in all, though, I enjoyed this book It is a delightful blend of science fiction and romance, mystery and action and a few good chuckles Member of the Paranormal Review Team

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    Human Blend left off with some stunning revelations and Earth Blend throws the reader right back into everything The first few chapters are a little difficult to get through, because it s a lot of backstory for several different characters and some of it carries over for each of them Lori Pescatore deepens the mythos she created in the first book and even adds a bit of a sci fi edge to everything.Learning exactly what the blends are and how the Earthlings factor into everything allows the reader a level of understand that wasn t there before, but it is packed on a bit too heavy in the beginning Once Julie comes back into focus, the story evolves much like it did in the previous book Julie is, as always, a character that the reader needs to root for Her compassion radiates off the page.The bigger story eclipses Julie and the other characters, to a point Earth Blend is very plot driven, putting the characters that were introduced in Human Blend into and difficult situations Not only does Julie s past come back to get her, but Austin s future is altered as well The history divulged in the first few chapters, while somewhat strained with the lack of dialogue and overload of information, become very important in understanding the story later on The heavier, devastating stuff is lightened by some well placed humor often courtesy of Marcus and some high energy action scenes.The Blends and the Earthlings play a much larger role than they ever did in Human Blend and while I missed the relationships that Julie had in the first book, Earth Blend offers a fast paced and increasingly complicated view into the lives these different beings and how they connect, despite their differences Lori Pescatore has given readers another worthwhile installment in this distinctively unique series I m looking forward to seeing where life takes Julie from here.

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    Earth Blend is the second installment of The Blend Series, the first being Human Blend One of my favorite things about this series is how different it is from other books Lori Pescatore has done a great job creating books that are fresh to the YA scene While I liked this book a lot, it didn t grab me in the beginning like Human Blend did Lori Pescatore spends the first 40 pages or so of Earth Blend filling us in on the hows and whys of many of the characters from Human Blend While I appreciated knowing who Eli really is and how Uncle G came to be, I found the way each chapter focused on just one character a little hhhmmm strained, maybe This is probably just me though as my favorite part of Human Blend was the character Laney Julie and I was anxious to get back to her story That being said, I was happy that so many of my questions about Uncle G and Eli were answered and explained, it really did add to the story knowing the intentions of these characters later on in the story Once the story got back to Laney Julie I was once again hooked There is something about her character that I just love She wants so badly to be independent and to do her own thing, but how hard is that when you are surrounded by amazing men that want to take care of you There were quite a few surprises thrown in that kept me on my toes, and caught me gasping I like how the book finished without leaving a frustrating cliff hanger, but with enough left open that I am anxious to read the third book in the trilogy A fresh novel that is definitely worth reading

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    I absolutely loved Human Blend, the first book in The Blend Series so I was very excited when Lori emailed me about reviewing Earth Blend I have to say, it was definitely not what I expected While Human Blend focused mainly on shocking, I know the Human Blends, Earth Blend gave a lot detail about the Earthlings I loved getting to read all about the history of the Earthlings and the Blends and how they came to coexist on Earth, while still reading about Julie and Austin and their crazy lives This book opens up with back stories on some of the background characters from Human BlendI, and explains how everyone came to be While the earthlings have been here since the beginning of time, the Blends haven t called Earth home for very long Right when Julie starts to get her life under control, she discovers a whole new part of herself that she s never seen before She also realizes that everyone who s supposed to be dead doesn t always stay that way, and while she knows life s never going to be easy, there s no way she could have predicted any insanity she s dealing with At least Austin s always there for her, except something s making him act not quite like himself And nobody seems to be telling the whole truth But Julie is independent, and she can handle it all on her own maybe Earth Blend was a fantastic sequel to Human Blend I would definitely recommend Human Blend to anyone who hasn t read it yet, if you didn t realize already, I LOVED it And I will be waiting anxiously for the next installment of The Blend Series Kit

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    Pescatore s Blend series is one of my absolute favorite reads While I m not super fond of the cover for this installment, I m happy to get another dose of the amazing characters and their stories In Human Blend, we get to know the main character, Laney, and learn of her sticky situation as she attempts a fresh start in Marion, Virginia Human Blend introduced readers to the Earth Blends but didn t really go into detail with them, so it was nice to get the low down in the second installment The paranormal quality of the characters is stepped up a notch too.Overall, the Blend series is a fast paced and exciting read The characters are realistic and fun to follow as the story progresses I highly recommend you give Pescatore s work a read.

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    Earth Blend is the second in the series and continues to follow the adventures of Julie Laney Earth Blend is an excellent sequel to Human Blend Pescatore dives into detail about the Earthlings and I enjoyed getting to read all about the history of the Earthlings and the Blends and how they came to coexist on Earth From there on, we get to dive into of Julie s life and the men surrounding her especially Austin who at the moment is not acting the way he should Again, anyone who loves young adult with a dash of paranormal and romance will love this series I can t wait to read the next in the series

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    Seemed to bit a lot shorter than Human Blend but I did like learning the mystery behind the Earthlings and Blends.Certain characters introduced in this story were essential to the plot but their roles were very short lived It would have been nice to get to know the characters in depth in this story, but hopefully there ll be a next book in the series to do that.

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